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Nadia Sawalha says her daughters would rather ‘curl up and die’ than see her pose naked again

The Loose Women star is all about body confidence

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Loose Women star Nadia Sawalha has revealed her daughters would rather “curl up and die” than see their mum post another naked picture of herself to Instagram.

In recent weeks Nadia has posed naked with a tub of Lurpak butter covering her modesty.

She’s also taken to posting lip-syncing videos of herself in her shapewear.

And daughters Maddy, 17, and Kiki, 13, are none too pleased with the idea.

Nadia Sawalha has revealed her kids would rather ‘curl up and die’ than see their mum naked online again (Credit: Supplied)

What did Nadia Sawalha say about her daughters?

Speaking exclusively to Entertainment Daily, Nadia admitted: “I think they’d rather curl up and die than me do another one.”

She added: “They don’t actually say to me don’t do it, it’s really weird. They sometimes say: ‘Oh Mum, it’s so embarrassing. And I say that’s the exact reason why I’m doing it because why should we as women be embarrassed, why should we put it away?

“I want them to grow up seeing that and to be joyful as they get older. You know what kids are like, you get to 50 and they go, oh Mum, don’t dance. You just have to laugh about it. All kids do it. I want to be more joyful not less,” she added.

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Nadia said she’s “a bit overwhelmed” with how her followers have reacted to the videos, where she mimics Kim Kardashian.

“People love it. The first one has had something like 200 million views. I was like, wow, I’ve really tapped into somewhere because there’s so much pressure to be perfect.

“The way for me to break that thing of getting locked into how do I be a bit more perfect, or how do I even a tiny bit perfect, is to have a bit of fun with it.

“And it’s actually really increased my confidence in my body because every time I post something all I get is a sea of women or young girls going: ‘Oh thank God you look like me, thank God my lumps and bumps are alright,’ and it just makes me feel good.”

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What makes her ‘panic stricken as a mum of girls’

Nadia also revealed she’s on a mission to “change the world” for her girls.

She told ED! her battle with body confidence has been a long one.

“It’s been a very gradual process. It kicked off with having daughters and thinking I’m always saying to them it’s who you are inside and not who you are on the outside.

“I thought, my God, I’m not living this at all. I’m saying this, I’m preaching this, but I can’t even touch it or feel it in myself.

“And being really, really worried, like panic stricken about it, as a mum with younger girls.”

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Nadia added: “I just want to change the stinking thinking. I don’t want much, I just want to change the world for my children. It’s a big ambition, but I do. I just want the stinking thinking that we all do as women to change.

“My generation, there are younger girls looking up to us, so I am so pleased that I found a way on my social media to have fun, do a bit of acting and hopefully help people feel just a teeny bit better and raise a bit of consciousness about that stinking thinking we all do.”

On the subject of her girls, Nadia says she’s proud that they’re growing into “very strong, independent, opinionated young women”.

Why does Nadia homeschool her girls?

Nadia and husband Mark Adderley took the girls out of mainstream school a few years ago and now homeschool them.

“I’m glad we did what we did,” she said. “It was very scary at the beginning but it was absolutely the right thing to do.

“We are really lucky that we really, really like our children. A lot of people love their children, of course, but they say they couldn’t spend that amount of time with them.

“We get on very, very well, we’re very, very close and they’re turning into very strong, independent, opinionated – which I love – young women.”

Nadia Sawalha and her husband and two kids smiling
Nadia is mum to daughters Kiki and Maddy with husband Mark (Credit: Supplied)

Loose Women’s history-making show

Another thing Nadia loves is the reaction the first all-black presenting panel received from Loose Women viewers.

“Oh my god, it made me emotional actually. We’ve always looked at diversity in a much better way than any other show I can think of,” she said, before revealing that producers didn’t deliberately plan to have four black women hosting the show together.

“We love that on Thursday it wasn’t Black History Month, it just happened to be four presenters who were black women.

“The topics were topics that any women would talk about and it was just apparently, I wasn’t in that day, but afterwards they were just in floods of tears. It was huge.”

Asked if she thinks it’ll happen again, Nadia revealed: “Absolutely.”

She added: “The thing is those were the four presenters on that day. They didn’t go, okay, we’re going to have four black women on the show today.

“We have these new cast members that are all brilliant and they’re there because they are very good talents, it’s not because they are black women.

“So yes, we never know what the mix is going to be, so absolutely, yes,” she said.

Honey, I Homeschooled the Kids by Nadia Sawalha and Mark Adderley is published by Coronet, £14.99.

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