Olivia Attwood wedding

Olivia Attwood reveals she’s set a date for her wedding to footballer Bradley Dack

And she's got grand plans for the big day

Olivia Attwood has revealed she’s booked her wedding to footballer Bradley Dack.

The pair appear on screen together in ITVBe‘s brilliant Olivia Meets Her Match.

The fly-on-the-wall style show follows Olivia as she plans her wedding to Bradley.

However, the pair haven’t revealed their wedding date… Until now, that is.

Olivia Attwood trying on a wedding dress
Olivia Attwood has revealed she’s set her wedding date to footballer Bradley Dack (Credit: ITV)

When is Olivia Attwood getting married?

Speaking exclusively to Entertainment Daily, Olivia revealed they have booked the wedding and revealed: “I am so excited.”

Olivia added: “We’ve got a date. And obviously it’s one of those things, it’s in the diary, it’s booked.

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“We’ll wait till the other side of Christmas, get to about March and see what’s happening with COVID and then we’ll have to assess from there what happens.

But at the moment fingers crossed we’re going ahead. It’s in June next year. It’s very exciting.

“But at the moment fingers crossed we’re going ahead. It’s in June next year. It’s very exciting,” she said.

Asked what the wedding will be like, Olivia doesn’t want to give too much away.

However, she told ED!: “I want something classical that feels like it’s out of a movie, but also quite tasteful. I’d quite like a neutral colour palette but there will be lots of surprises.

Love Island 2021
Olivia has said she isn’t too worried Bradley doesn’t want to get involved in the wedding planning (Credit: Splash News)

What will the wedding be like?

“I want each section of the wedding to change its theme so people get a wow moment as they move through the day. So a lot of attention to detail will be going into it.”

Olivia has also confirmed that the wedding will be aired on the ITVBe series.

“I’ll be talking really out of turn, but it definitely is full intent for series two,” she said. “We just need coronavirus to do one basically.”

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With the wedding planned for next June – and COVID-19 and Christmas in her way – Olivia added: “It feels like it’s so far away but I’m very excited.

“People say to me: ‘Oh god, you’re going to share your wedding with the viewers,’ and I’m like, what?

“The viewers have been with me since Love Island, they’ve been with me every step of the way. They are the reason I’m here and still doing these shows and I want to share it with them.

“To me it just feels like a really nice thing. I get to invite all these amazing people who have supported me to the wedding. “

And is she worried her fiancé has no interest in planning the big day?

“At first I was a bit like, really? Help me out. But now I’ve actually got the best set up ever.

“I love him to death but nothing he was going to contribute would’ve been terribly helpful anyway,” she quipped.

“All he cared about was the golf course,” she said hinting at the venue, “so I’m more than happy to get on with it.”

Olivia Attwood with fiancee Bradley Dack
Olivia has admitted she’s worried about Bradley’s stag do (Credit: ITV)

Worries about his stag do

What she isn’t happy about, though, is Bradley’s stag do, as viewers of Sunday night’s show (October 25) would have seen.

“The stag do does fill me with a bit of dread. Any woman who’s got her lightbulb switched on, the stag do would fill you with a bit of dread. We know what goes on on these stag dos.

“I want him to have a good time but I’m not looking forward to it,” she admitted.

“Strippers don’t bother me. It’s just big groups of lads, alcohol, loads of girls hanging around. It’s always a recipe [for disaster],” she said.

“Nothing terrible’s going to happen but in my industry I’m always susceptible. People like to report back to me on things that I don’t even need to know about. Things that every lad does on a night out.

“Because of what I do as a job I get sent messages in my DMs. I just want to live a quiet life. I don’t need to know about it,” she added.

Bradley is equally anxious about Olivia’s hen do, she revealed, although the former Love Island star said he just doesn’t show it.

“COVID permitting we were meant to be going to Vegas,” she said. “And I know that fills him with absolute dread. He’s just not as vocal as I am!”

She doesn’t really check his phone

Olivia was also vocal about checking Bradley’s phone as he slept, however, she admits she was joking and trusts her footballer beau.

“I mean, if you watched the whole scene, obviously I’m joking. I don’t stay up every night. In the scene I say: ‘I see all the girls you message.’

“Obviously if that was the case I wouldn’t be sitting there laughing. I don’t check his phone,” she said. “I go to bed before him every night – I just like to tease him, keep him on his toes.”

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Will babies be next?

So what’s next after the wedding, could we hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet and a new direction for Olivia’s reality show?

“I mean this is the thing, that’s what everyone would expect. I’m just not interested,” she said.

“Children don’t interest me right now. I find them really boring.

“I think look, get married, have a honeymoon. We definitely want a year or two of being newlyweds, travelling, being crazy kids in love and then whatever happens, happens.”

And it seems, if kids were to happen, it would be a decision they would come to together – despite many thinking Olivia wears the trousers in their relationship.

“On the surface people would say that I wear the trousers. They must say well she completely looks like she dominates him. But it’s pretty matched.

“Brad’s very laid back, he’s very reserved, but when there’s something he doesn’t want to do or doesn’t like, he’s very firm. He will meet me head-on and say well that’s not happening and obviously I respect his opinion so we come to an agreement.

“It’s definitely not a dictatorship, it’s a democracy in our house,” she laughed.

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