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The Cube 2021: Viewers give thumbs down as the Cube banters with Phillip Schofield

What did you make to the Cube answering back?

Four episodes into the 2021 series of The Cube, some viewers have expressed reservations about a recent development in the ITV quiz show.

It seems as well as being able to speak, The Cube itself now has a bit of a personality.

But not everyone appreciated the banter and interplay between it, host Phillip Schofield and last night’s (September 25) contestants.

Indeed, one viewer slammed the change as “cringeworthy” and another questioned why Phil and the Cube were best buds all of a sudden.

The Cube contestants Stefan and Faruk look up
Stefan and Faruk were taken by surprise by the Cube’s response (Credit: ITV)

The Cube 2021: What did the contestants say to ‘rile up’ the Cube?

The fighting talk began early in yesterday evening’s episode.

Contestants Stefan and Faruk from Leeds told Phillip they were confident about their chances.

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They explained how they felt the Cube’s challenges “should be nothing” having prepared hard at home.

“We’ve come here to beat the Cube,” Stefan declared.

The Cube 2021: How Phillip Schofield respond?

Turning his head, Phillip immediately threw to the Cube to see what they had to say about it all.

“They’ve come here to beat you,” he said, provoking the Cube.

But the Cube was having none of it, replying: “And the Cube is here to beat them.”

Phillip Schofield shoots a fierce look on The Cube
Phillip Schofield was bantering away with the Cube – but viewers weren’t happy (Credit: ITV)

‘You’re poking the Cube with a big stick’

Stefan and Faruk seemed surprised by the intervention, looking up as if the Cube was talking to them from on high.

Not backing down, Stefan shot back: “Very funny Cube.”

Faruk joined in with a taunt: “Is that all he’s got?”

Is that all he’s got?

But Phillip warned the pals not to get on the wrong side of the Cube.

“You haven’t even started yet and you’re poking it with a big stick!” he exclaimed.

How the Cube reacted

Flashing pink to apparently communicate its unhappiness to the contestants, Stefan quickly sounded a conciliatory tone.

“Might regret that,” he admitted, under his breath.

Phillip agreed: “Not a good thing to do! Let’s see what happens shall we?”

How viewers reacted

Some of those watching at home seemed troubled by the Cube being given a personality.

“Trying to turn the Cube into a character is pretty cringeworthy tbh #TheCube,” one person complained on Twitter.

Others questioned how long Phil had been getting pally with structure. Furthermore, they stressed how the development affected their viewing pleasure.

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“Is #TheCube talking a new thing? Maybe I’m miserable, but is it actually needed?!” someone else wrote.

And a third person echoed: “Since when has Phillip Schofield had a buddy-buddy relationship with #TheCube?

“Not standing for it being able to tell jokes now.”

The Cube airs on ITV on Saturdays from 7.30pm.

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