The Cube contestants Dan and Jo with host Phillip Schofield

The Cube viewers in hysterics after mum wipes the floor with her ‘worst player ever’ son

Many of those watching at home were left cringing

Viewers of The Cube were left chuckling last night after a confident player was shown up by his mum.

Contestant Dan appeared on the ITV game show yesterday evening (Saturday September 18) alongside his mother Jo.

However, despite putting himself forward for their first game, Dan was soon chastened by his failure – and Jo’s immediate success.

The Cube contestants Jo and Dan before playing
Jo and Dan before the Perimeter (Credit: ITV Hub)

How was The Cube contestant Dan ’embarrassed’ by his mum?

Dan volunteered on behalf of his team to play the Perimeter game, which involves hitting a button to place a mark moving around the inside of The Cube in a specific box.

Asked by host Phillip Schofield why he was the best candidate for the job, Dan said: “I think I’ve got slightly better reactions than my mother.”

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“The cheek of it!” Phil replied, while Jo joked: “It is an age thing.”

However, after several failed attempts which left Dan looking shellshocked and the loss of several lives, Dan’s confidence seemed to have drained away.

The Cube contestant Dan under pressure
Dan didn’t seem to be enjoying his game by this point (Credit: ITV Hub)

‘Stick with it’

“It’s a lot harder than I thought it’d be,” Dan admitted after an unsuccessful go.

But after a conference with his mum and family supporters, Dan was urged to ‘stick with it’ after accepting an opportunity to simplify the game.

However, Dan continued to struggle before finally admitting it might be best to swap places with Jo.

It’s a lot harder than I thought it’d be.

“The way this is going currently, at least mum gets to go in,” Phillip noted about the player change.

And, of course, Jo nailed the Perimeter challenge first time!

Phillip Schofield laughs on The Cube
Even Phillip Schofield was tickled (Credit: ITV Hub)

How viewers of The Cube reacted on social media

Many of those watching at home were merciless with their appraisal on Twitter.

But many of those comments also seemed to come from a place that suggested Dan should be ashamed to not succeed where his mum did.

“The guy lost six lives while his mum smashed at one #TheCube,” one person tweeted, adding laughing emojis to their post.

“He’s fuming his mum has made him look a plonker #TheCube,” another wrote.

A third person added: “Beaten by your mum you big dope #TheCube.”

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Another person claimed: “Currently watching the worst Cube player ever! Dude lost six lives on the simplest game and his mum goes in and does it first time #TheCube.”

“Well that was embarrassing, bested by his mum. #TheCube,” chipped in someone else.

Yet another person reflected: “Perfect metaphor for life on The Cube tonight. Bloke goes in and wastes six lives on the first game and then his mum comes in and does it first time. Amazing scenes #TheCube.”

And someone else concluded: “Moral of today’s #TheCube – always listen to your mum!”

– The Cube airs on ITV on Saturdays from 7.30pm.

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