The Chase viewers brand contestant ‘snake’ for taking low offer

The contestant was telling her teammates to take the high offers

The Chase viewers were left furious last night after a contestant took the low offer despite telling her teammates to go for the middle or high offer.

Philippa, a theatre student from Leeds, managed to bag £6,000 during her cash builder round.

Philippa was then asked whether she wanted to take the low offer of £1,000, stick with her £6,000 or play for a whopping £67,000.

The Chase contestant
Philippa managed to bag £6,000 during her cash builder round (Credit: ITV)

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Her one remaining team mate Dave told her: “I don’t want to be sat here on my own. So, take the six or even take the £1,000 if you like.”

Host Bradley Walsh told Philippa: “Fair advice from Dave but I think you’re a much better player than the one.”

Philippa said: “Yeah I don’t want Dave to be on his own either, so I think I am going to go for the £1,000.”

Fans were left fuming as she opted for the low offer after telling her fellow quizzers to stick with the money they earned in the cash builder or go high.

Bradley Walsh on The Chase
Philippa took the low offer (Credit: ITV)

Taking to Twitter to vent their frustration, one person wrote: “What a snake. Tells player 3 to take the high offer. Then goes for the low offer. #TheChase.”

Another said: “That’s justice for Philipa being a snake and taking the low offer #TheChase,” while a third added: “Oh Phillipa. Got £6K then took the low offer!!! #TheChase Shame on you grrrrrr. (sic)”

A fourth tweeeted: “Nothing more ratty than taking the low offer on #TheChase. Shameful.”

Philippa managed to beat Chaser Anne Hegerty and joined Dave in the final chase.

The pair scored 15 between them but it wasn’t enough and Anne beat them with time to spare – leaving Dave and Philippa going home with nothing.

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Some viewers took to Twitter after the final chase and claimed Dave “deserved better”.

One person said: “#thechase Dave deserved better,” while another wrote: “Bad luck Dave. Philippa, it’s just what you deserve #TheChase.”

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