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The Chase star Anne Hegerty admits she doesn’t feel like she’s ‘missing out on relationships’

The ITV star is done with men.

The Chase star Anne Hegerty has said she doesn’t feel like she’s “missing out on relationships”.

The former I’m A Celebrity star has come to the conclusion that the single life is for her.

Anne, also known as the Governess on the game show, has confessed that she doesn’t see the point in chasing after a relationship.

Anne Hegerty says she loves being single (Credit: ITV)

What did The Chase star Anne Hegerty say?

“I love being isolated,” she told The Mirror.

“Quite apart from the fact that I’m probably not his type… I’m going to leave him very baffled and wondering what he’s done wrong.

“It’s brilliant. I really don’t feel I’m missing out on relationships. I’m doing fine.”

She even says friends have shared their concern about her single status.

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However, she says the same friends always ask her for relationship advice and she just tells them: “Just be on your own!”

Anne also worries potential partners may think she’s exactly like the Governess.

However, the star says her TV persona is just an “act”.

Anne Hegerty on The Chasers Road Trip
Anne says she enjoyed lockdown (Credit: ITV)

The Chase star says lockdown saved her

While many of us have struggled during lockdown, Anne found it quite the opposite.

The quizzer recently admitted that she was ‘so burnt out’ heading into the first lockdown in March of last year.

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“I’d had something like three colds in the space of five months because I was rushing around from place to place and suddenly having sobbing fits in the car,” she told Daily Express.

“There was just so much on my plate, there were so many things I was planning on. I look now at my diary for the beginning of last year and I think, ‘Well, you kind of were about to have a breakdown.'”

She added that she she loves her “own company” and her “solitude”.

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