Shaun Wallace on The Chase

The Chase viewers mock Shaun Wallace for failing to know ‘easy’ term

He said he has never heard of the word discombobulate

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Viewers of The Chase have mocked Shaun Wallace for not knowing a simple term.

During a round against contestant Lyndon, the pair were asked by host Bradley Walsh: “To ‘discombobulate’ is to do what?”

The answer choices were to dissect, to eat or to confuse.

The Chase contestant
Lyndon didn’t know the answer either on The Chase (Credit: ITV)

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The correct answer was confuse and Bradley was surprised because neither Lyndon or The Dark Destroyer got it right.

The Chaser admitted: “I’ve never heard of that phrase.”

How can The Dark Destroyer not know what discombobulate means?!

Bradley exclaimed: “Discombobulate?! You’re a barrister. That was lucky.”

Viewers were stunned at the Chaser’s confession and shared their thoughts on Twitter.

One person said: “How’s the Dark Destroyer not heard of discombobulate?”

Shaun Wallace on The Chase
Viewers mocked Shaun Wallace on The Chase (Credit: ITV)

Another wrote: “Either my knowledge of English is brilliant or Shaun’s and Lyndon’s really isn’t. How can you not know discombobulate?”

A third added: “I CANNOT believe @ITVthebarrister hasn’t heard of ‘discombobulate’, that’s mind-blowing,” and a fourth tweeted: “How can The Dark Destroyer not know what discombobulate means?! It’s one of my favourite words!!”

In the end, Lyndon was the only contestant who made it through to the Final Chase and he put on an incredible performance.

Even though he managed to get 17 steps ahead of The Dark Destroyer, it wasn’t enough and the quiz expert caught up.

Shaun managed to beat Lyndon with 25 seconds remaining on the clock and he was quick to praise the player.

So, Shaun told him: “You are one of the best solo players in the entire history of the show.”

Viewers were gutted for Lyndon with one person writing: “One spectacular player. He deserved a better team. Hell, he deserved to win.”

The Chase contestant
Lyndon went against the Chaser on his own (Credit: ITV)

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Another wrote: “Lyndon from #TheChase today has to be the best solo player ever. Damn!” and one added: “Noooo I wanted him to win.”

Last night’s episode (March 24) was branded “the best in a long time” because the team beat Mark Labbett.

Beccy, Josh and Pat beat the Chaser during their individual rounds and come together to try and win £13,000.

The team bagged an impressive 22 steps ahead of The Beast and Mark was stunned.

He told the team: “I apologise, I didn’t think you guys were capable of getting anything like that. How wrong I was.”

The team managed to pushback the Chaser six times and the quiz master was unable to beat them.

The chase team
The Chase team beat Mark Labbett (Credit: ITV)

Viewers were thrilled by the result and shared their thoughts on Twitter.

One person said: “One of the best games in a long while,” and another wrote: “Well done, team. Beastie was a good sport for once. Have a good one.”

The Chase returns to ITV tomorrow, Thursday, March 26, at 5pm.

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