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The Chase host Bradley Walsh drives viewers ‘up the wall’ with new habit

'Change the record, Bradley!'

The Chase viewers have spotted a seemingly annoying habit of host Bradley Walsh and they’ve said it drives them “up the wall”.

Things appear to have come to a head after Friday’s Chase (February 26).

It saw contestants Charlotte, Ben, Keith and Melanie take on The Vixen star Jenny Ryan.

However, the prize money seemed to be the last thing on viewers’ minds as quite a few picked up on what they said was an annoying habit of the lovely Brad’s.

Bradley walsh
Bradley Walsh has been urged to ditch his annoying catchphrase (Credit: ITV)

What happened to Bradley Walsh on The Chase?

When final contestant Melanie stepped up to take on the Chaser, she was asked what a radiophobic might be afraid of.

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She put radiation, and it’s fair to say Bradley was convinced it was the right answer, and spilled his new catchphrase.

“You’ve put radiation, radio waves, got to be, it’s got to be, got to be,” he said.

chase contestant
He said it three times in less than a minute on last Friday’s show (Credit: ITC)

What did viewers say about Bradley?

Viewers immediately picked up on the phrase, which was said three times in quick succession.

“Got to be! It drives me up the wall!” declared one.

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“I wish #BradleyWalsh would stop saying ‘gotta be’ every time the contestants answer a question,” another commented.

“[Bleep] me, a triple ‘gotta be’ klaxon!” said another.

the vixen
Bradley said the answer had ‘got to be’ radiation (Credit: ITV)

‘Driving me nuts’

Looking back, it’s not the first time Bradley has uttered the phrase – and it’s not the first time viewers have complained about it either.

“How many times per show does Bradley Walsh say ‘got to be’ and ‘absolutely’ per show?” asked another.

Got to be! It drives me up the wall!

“Love The Chase and love Bradley BUT and ‘gotta be’ is driving me nuts. He seems disengaged and bored,” they claimed.

“‘Gotta be!’ CHANGE THE BLOODY RECORD, BRADLEY!!” demanded another.

Was anyone not annoyed by Bradley Walsh on The Chase?

However, some said they love it when Bradley utters what is now surely his new catchphrase.

“Love it when Bradley says ‘gotta be’ and the answer is WRONG!” laughed one quiz show fan.

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