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The Chase: Bradley Walsh welcomes celebrity lookalikes into studio as viewers debate likenesses

Viewers couldn't decide about Jacquie and Callum

The Chase host Bradley Walsh welcomed four new contestants into the studio on Wednesday afternoon – and viewers spotted an unusual connection between the hopefuls.

During the latest episode of the ITV quiz show, those watching at home noticed that two of the hopefuls were celebrity lookalikes.

Bradley Walsh welcomed some celeb lookalikes into the studio (Credit: ITV)

Celeb lookalikes join Bradley Walsh on The Chase

On Twitter, viewers rushed to point out how much Gerry looked like singer Rod Stewart.

When Gerry stepped up to play his cash-builder round, host Bradley Walsh mentioned the likeness.

Gerry looked like Rod Stewart (Credit: ITV)

And Gerry said it was probably because he had a similar hairdo.

Similarly, fans of the show also noticed that Suzie was the spitting image of Marilyn Monroe.

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When introducing herself, Suzie revealed that she’s a professional impersonator.

Suzie was a Marilyn Monroe impersonator (Credit: ITV)

There was some debate on Twitter over who Jacquie and Callum looked like, though. Some said Jacquie looked like Annie Lennox, while others thought Angela Lansbury or Jacqueline Wilson.

Some said Callum looked like actor Mackenzie Crook.

Viewers couldn’t decide who Callum looked like (Credit: ITV)

The Chase bosses often like to group contestants according to a theme.

Previously, they have had players on who all had the names of Friends characters.

There was also an Only Fools and Horses link recently, with players named Delon, Rachel, Rodney and Cassie.

However, the show doesn’t reveal anything about the connections – instead leaving it up to viewers to notice.

Jacquie also divided opinion among The Chase viewers (Credit: ITV)

What did The Chase viewers say?

Watching today’s episode, viewers thought having the two lookalikes on was hilarious, although they couldn’t find a consensus on who Jacquie and Callum were supposed to be.

One said: “Rod Stewart, Mackenzie Crook and Marilyn Monroe all on The Chase tonight I see. #TheChase.”

Too busy reading the tweets to see who everyone thinks she looks like.

Another wrote: “Why are the lookalikes of Rod Stewart, Jacqueline Wilson and Marilyn Monroe all competing on The Chase? #thechase”

A third said: “Who’s Jacquie supposed to be? Got Rod, Mackenzie and Marilyn #TheChase.”

A fourth put: “Not every day you see Gareth from The Office, Rod Stewart and Marilyn Monroe on daytime telly! #TheChase.”

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“Rod Stewart, Rodney, Angela Lansbury, Marilyn #TheChase,” said TV’s India Willoughby.

A sixth tweeted: “Can’t concentrate on the game at all tonight! Too busy reading the tweets to see who everyone thinks [Jacquie] looks like #TheChase.”

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