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The Bridge: Channel 4 viewers divided over contestants as some brand them ‘annoying’

Strangers have to work together to build a bridge

The Bridge started on Channel 4 last night and left viewers sorely divided with its mix of contestants.

The reality show, which sees 12 strangers banding together to build a bridge to an island for a huge cash prize, ticked off some viewers with its “annoying” line-up of hopefuls, which includes a stripper, a waitress and Trisha Goddard‘s daughter.

The Bridge Channel 4
The Bridge got underway on Channel 4 last night (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened in the first episode of Channel 4 show The Bridge?

In the first episode, car fabricator Sly came up with ideas on how to complete the task.

But some of the younger contestants, including stripper Zac, plumber Luke and ex PE teacher Sam, wanted to do things their own way.

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Zac’s fellow contestants chose him as their leader after he put himself forward for the role.

The Bridge Channel 4
Some of those watching The Bridge branded the contestants ‘annoying’ (Credit: Channel 4)

But his decision to ignore Sly’s advice split the group. And he riled others later when he chose his pal Luke and hotel entertainer Maura for a mission that could win the group a hammer and a bucket filled with nails.

Some of the contestants, particularly waitress Tara, felt that Zac had only picked the pair for the task because they appeared to fancy each other – insisting he should have instead chosen those best suited to the challenge.

The Bridge Zac
The Bridge contestants chose Zac as their leader (Credit: Channel 4)

What did Channel 4 viewers think of The Bridge?

On Twitter, a number of viewers admitted they found the contestants “annoying” – with some having to turn over and watch something else.

One tweeted: “This programme #thebridge is annoying me already.”

Another said: “Nope, done with this already! Same old tired show. Deliberately annoying people, sentimental stories… but with a bridge to build #TheBridge.”

Can’t watch this! Bunch of clowns… they’re all completely clueless.

“#thebridge all the contestants are already annoying,” wrote a third, adding: “99 per cent seem like kids. Can’t watch any more, could’ve been so good.”

A fourth put: “I was looking forward to #thebridge but they’re a bit annoying…”

“Really enjoying #TheBridge so far…” someone else said, adding: “I hope I warm to more of the people though because so far the young’uns [are] obnoxious.”

“Can’t watch this!” said a sixth. “#thebridge bunch of clowns. They should be building, no [bleeping] about. They’re all completely clueless.”

Some ‘can’t wait’ for episode two of The Bridge

However, some loved the programme and called it “fascinating” TV.

One wrote on Twitter: “#TheBridge on @Channel4 is turning into a fascinating watch. There’s so many social and moral dynamics going on. It’s a very cleverly thought up and put together show.”

Another joked: “Acrobat. Dancer. And stripper! I shall definitely enjoy this show! #thebridge.”

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Someone else said: “#thebridgec4 was great tonight, was really interesting. Can’t wait for next week’s episode. There is [no way] they will be able to make this bridge though.”

“#TheBridgeC4 was soo good!” tweeted another, adding: “I’m gripped. It is cast so well and is filmed so well too, very cinematic. I love Maura! I really can’t wait to see how it turns out.”

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