Council House Britain Yvonne

Council House Britain: Viewers upset over homeless pensioner Yvonne

The pensioner, originally from Malta, was in desperate need of a home

Council House Britain viewers got emotional last night seeing a homeless pensioner weep as she sought accommodation.

The last episode of the Channel 4 documentary series, aired on Thursday (October 8) evening, introduced viewers to Yvonne.

The narrator explained: “Today, 68-year-old Yvonne is in desperate need of help.”

Council House Britain Yvonne
On Council House Britain, Yvonne, 68, desperately needed accommodation (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened with Yvonne on Channel 4’s Council House Britain?

Yvonne was from Malta and used to have a happy life with her husband when she moved to the UK.

Years after her husband died, Yvonne picked herself up and found both work and accommodation with a local church.

She explained: “I used to help set the church up for masses and make sure the church is clean, and for the congregation to be comfortable. It was like living with a family, it was nice. I enjoyed that, I did it from the heart.”

Council House Britain Yvonne
Yvonne lost her job and home at a church (Credit: Channel 4)

But when the vicar retired, Yvonne lost both her job and her home.

When she came to see temporary accommodation officer Ayo, she broke down in tears as she reflected on her situation.

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“I had operations on my knee and was staying with friends after coming out of hospital,” Yvonne said on Council House Britain.

“I don’t know what to do [and] I am confused, sometimes I can’t even think straight.

“When you don’t have a roof over your head…”

Ayo worked to find her temporary accommodation, but it was difficult as Yvonne needed to be on the ground floor because of her health.

Ayo on Council House Britain
Southwark Council’s Ayo worked hard to find Yvonne a place to stay (Credit: Channel 4)

In the end, Ayo found her a unit at a hostel. But speaking at her new temporary home, Yvonne said: “It’s just a confined place, what can yo do?

I don’t know what to do… sometimes I can’t even think straight.

“How many times are you going to clean the sink and the bathroom? It’s a very lonely life.”

She added: “Now I understand, when people say they are homeless. I never thought what they go through.”

Council House Britain Yvonne
Yvonne cried as she reflected on her situation (Credit: Channel 4)

What did Council House Britain viewers think?

Reacting on Twitter, one viewer said: “I could actually cry for Yvonne on #councilhousebritain. Really puts things into perspective, and how quickly life can change. Honestly wish her all the best.”

A second viewer tweeted: “Come on. Yvonne deserves so much better than this. I’d adopt her as my grandma! She’s so sweet.”

“Poor Yvonne,” said a third alongside an upset-face emoji, adding: “Hope they can find her somewhere…”

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Someone else wrote: “Yvonne. How sad is that? You’re good all your life and find yourself in this situation. Shouldn’t happen this way.”

Another Channel 4 viewer said, with a tearful emoji: “68-year-old lady in a hostel, that’s just wrong on every level.”

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