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Tenable quiz team made up of ‘coppers’ ‘should be arrested’ for ’embarrassing’ performance

Even Warwick appeared to get a cheeky dig in!

Today’s Tenable quiz team were branded the “worst ever” by viewers of the show.

The group of five police officers called themselves Plod on the Tyne, a nod to their occupation and the fact that they hailed from Newcastle.

Introducing them, Tenable host Warwick Davis quipped: “Let’s hope you coppers don’t come a cropper.”

However, it wasn’t long before they most certainly did.

tenable team captain
Warwick hoped today’s team of ‘coppers’ didn’t ‘come a cropper’ (Credit: ITV)

What happened on today’s Tenable?

One glance on Twitter perhaps tells you all you need to know about today’s show (March 4).

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Plod on the Tyne were universally slated on the social networking site as a result of a number of errors that saw them take just £1,000 through to the final round.

Right, I’m applying for the police – obviously you only need an IQ of about one and get paid pretty well for it.

That’s £1,000 split between five, so £200 each – something viewers joked would just about cover their train fares to the Tenable studio!

tenable team
Viewers couldn’t believe the team was made up of police officers (Credit: ITV)

So bad ‘they need arresting!’

The fact that the group of contestants were police officers led to no end of jokes online.

“They need arresting for that performance,” stated one viewer.

“Christ, this lot are police officers? God help us!” declared another.

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“I don’t want this idiot turning up when I call the police,” said a third.

“Right, I’m applying for the police – obviously you only need an IQ of about one and get paid pretty well for it,” said another viewer.

Another commented: “Is this guy real? I don’t want to call the police ever again!”

“Not doing much for the representation of our boys in blue,” another agreed.

tenable contestant
Plod on the Tyne were branded the ‘worst team ever’ (Credit: ITV)

Tenable: ‘Worst quiz team ever’

The team were even branded “embarrassing” and the “worst team ever” by social media users.

“What a shocker they had!” said one.

“Those police officers were rubbish,” commented another.

“That was painful, washing up was more entertaining!” said a third.

“Frankly they’re one of the worst teams I’ve ever seen,” said another.

“This is embarrassing,” another offered.

“Worst team I’ve ever seen on Tenable,” another agreed.

Warwick davis
Warwick was heard to tell the team ‘well played’ after taking just £1,000 through to the final (Credit: ITV)

Tenable quiz show host Warwick’s cheeky quip

Host Warwick Davis was even caught making what some have taken as a cheeky quip at the team.

As the headed into the final round, he said: “Playing for the lovely sum of £1,000, well played team.”

One viewer commented: “Was Warwick actually taking the [bleep] there?”

The host – who is known for his cracking sense of humour – was straight-faced as it said it, so we’ll leave it up to you to decide!

And, in a spoiler alert if you haven’t seen today’s show, it perhaps won’t surprise you to discover that the team lost the final round and went home empty handed.

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