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Tenable viewers slam male players as they throw teammate ‘under the bus’ on TV quiz show

Viewers weren't impressed with the boys' treatment of Mona

Tenable viewers have accused today’s TV quiz show team of throwing their teammate “under the bus”.

It happened when Mona – the only woman on the Tenable team – was chosen for a round on mobile phone manufacturers.

And, after she failed to get through to the next round, the boys on her team were accused of “throwing her under the bus”.

Warwick davis
Warwick Davis hosted the ITV quiz show Tenable as usual today (Credit: ITV)

What happened on TV show Tenable today?

Warwick Davis hosted today’s episode (March 3) of the quiz show.

It featured a team comprising four men and one woman.

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Mona was picked by the team captain to face the mobile phone question, but she only got four right and was told by Warwick she was pretty rubbish at the game show.

She was then ruled out of taking place in the final.

“I knew this would happen,” she quipped.

Looks like they threw her under the bus, they seemed to know more answers.

However, Warwick then asked the boys, who were watching from the sidelines, if they knew any of the missing answers.

They quickly shouted out a few guesses and, when the remaining answers were revealed, at least three of the boys’ guesses were on there.

And thus ensued a Twitter fight back on Mona’s behalf.

mona on tenable
Mona was quickly caught out by her question (Credit: ITV)

What did viewers say about the show on Twitter?

Twitter very much had Mona’s back and were quick to comment that the boys should’ve hit the overrule button if they knew the answers.

The overrule button can be used if the team thinks the person playing in that round has given a wrong answer.

They’re then asked to replace it with the answer they think is correct.

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However, the boys neglected to do that.

“Looks like they threw her under the bus, they seemed to know more answers,” said one viewer.

“Why didn’t he overrule if he knew the answers?” asked another.

“The lads have only brought her along to make the numbers up,” another declared.

However, some were glad to see the back of Mona.

“Omg this woman!” they said exasperated as she fluffed her answers. ” Thank [bleep] for that. Bye!”

team on tenable
It all ended well though as she rejoined the team for the final and won (Credit: ITV)

What happened at the end of Tenable today?

However, we’re pleased to report that Mona had the last laugh.

She was brought back into the team by one of her teammates and played a valuable role in the final.

The team of five ended up going home with £6,000, or £1,200 each!

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