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Strictly 2021: James Jordan claims John Whaite has had ‘dance training before’

The verdict is in and James isn't one to hold back!

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Strictly Come Dancing veteran James Jordan has claimed that 2021 fan favourite John Whaite has trained as a dancer before.

Former professional James, 43, who danced on the hit BBC dance show from 2006 to 2013, gave his usual verdicts and scores as the latest series got underway last Saturday (September 25).

However, some fans were surprised to learn that James believes John may have had some professional dancing before.

James Jordan gives his Strictly reviews
James Jordan isn’t one to hold back his opinions (Credit: SplashNews)

Strictly 2021: What did James say about John?

Giving his judgement on John’s dance moves, James said he loved the performance – but that it was no shock John had delivered due to his experience.

He wrote: “John – loved it… Brilliant from beginning to end. Choice of music and the clever choreography from Johannes.

“It was so powerful and posture – movement across the floor everything. It does help of course that he has had dance experience. But I loved that dance – 8.”

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One viewer hit back at James asking how he could be so sure that John had danced before.

They wrote: “So James how the hell do you know that he has had dance experience??”

A confident James hit back: “Because I’ve danced for 35 years and can tell… Anyone that follows me knows every year I say which people have had dance training before.”

While it doesn’t seem clear if James is in fact correct, with our research on John’s supposed dance background drawing a complete blank, there’s no denying he put on a fantastic performance.

John Whaite performs on strictly Come Dancing week 1
John Whaite impressed the audience with his moves on the Strictly 2021 opener (Credit: YouTube)

What did James think of the rest of the Strictly stars?

James also gave an interesting review of BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker‘s skills as he compared him to a “daddy long legs”.

The former professional posted: “Dan. Bloody love him! A bloke that has clearly never dance before but I tell you what he has something special. He has a personality on the floor.

Dan Walker performs on strictly Come Dancing week 1
Dan’s 6ft6 frame with lengthy legs impressed James Jordan (Credit: Strictly Come Dancing / YouTube)

“What he lacked in technique he made up with energy. He’s a little bit like a daddy long legs at times but he has massive potential 6.”

An excited Dan didn’t seem too phased by the comments as he thanks James for his review.

He replied: “Having read your honest comments for years I must admit to being a little worried but I’m so glad you liked it.

“I’ve got SO much to learn but I’m enjoying every minute even though it feels completely alien. Nadiya is amazing.”

Showing his support for Dan’s humble approach, James responded with some wise words.

He said: “Honestly mate – I think you exceeded everyone’s expectations and probably even yours.

“I’ve always been envious of your golf skills and thought with dancing you would have met your match. Clearly not. I apologise in advance if I’m not positive every week. Good luck.”

James labels Greg Wise ‘horrendous’

James wasn’t so complimentary about everyone though.

Actor Greg Wise clearly has some improvements to make if he’s going to get a nod of approval from him after he branded him “horrendous”.

He posted: “Greg. He is what 99% of blokes would look like on Strictly that have never danced before. His musicality and expression was actually brilliant.

Greg Wise dances on Strictly Come Dancing week 1
Greg failed to impress James Jordan  in certain areas (Credit: Strictly Come Dancing / You Tube)

“Out of hold amazing!!! In hold horrendous but that could be easily fixed. I really like his personality on the floor. 4 in hold.”

He continued: “I loved Greg but Strictly is supposed to be about Ballroom and Latin, although I know it’s changed a lot over the years. Very surprised at the scores.”

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And comedian Rob Webb drew comparisons to former MP Ann Widdecombe in James’ eyes as he found him hard to watch.

He wrote: “Robert. Not my cup of tea but they are very watchable.

“Not in the same league as an Ed Balls I hope he’s not going to be the male Ann Widecombe, but I know it’s always great for the mix in the show.

“His spot turns were actually great which makes me feel he’s danced before. 5.”

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