Max frowning in Stranger Things season 4

Stranger Things season 4 playlist: All the songs including Running Up That Hill

Kate Bush's music practically saves Max's life in season 4

The Stranger Things soundtrack became very significant in season 4 as it included hits from KISS and The Beach Boys.

And a song by Kate Bush that practically saves Max’s life!

There are songs from the new season that won’t leave fans’ heads for days.

So here’s a list of all of the songs featured in season 4 – plus why the Kate Bush track Running Up That Hill is so significant.

Mike, Wil and Jonathan screaming in Stranger Things season 4
The Stranger Things season 4 soundtrack includes California Dreaming by The Beach Boys (Credit: Netflix)

Episode one

California Dreamin by The Beach Boys.

Object of My Desire by Starpoint.

I was a Teenage Werewolf by The Cramps.

Chica Mejanita by Mae Arnette.

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Play With Me by Extreme.

Detroit Rock City by KISS.

Got Your Number by The Lloyd Langton Group.

Fever by The Cramps.

Episode two

You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) by Dead or Alive.

Rock Me Amadeus (The Gold Mix) by Falco.

Tarzan Boy by Baltimora.

Wipe Out by The Surfaris.

Psycho Killer by Talking Heads.

Diamonds and Emeralds by The Interior Castle.

Burning Up by Donnell Pitman.

Tons of Wet- Surf Time by Noma.

Episode three

Guardian Angel by Fergus MacRoy.

In Transit to Bermuda by Dorian Zero.

Episode four

Pass the Dutchie by Musical Youth.

Dream a Little Dream of Me by Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong.

Legless by Hipbone slim.

Hard Feelings by Al Kerby.

Max floating in the air in Stranger Things season 4
Kate Bush saved Max’s life in Stranger Things season 4 (Credit: Netflix)

Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush

Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush became quite an important song in Stranger Things season 4.

In the new season, Hawkins is terrorised by a new villain, Vecna, that can read and control people’s minds.

But with a bit of Scooby-Doo-esque investigating, the gang discover that listening to music prevents their minds from being tormented by the monster.

So when Max looks like she about to be killed by Vecna, her favourite song Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush saves her life.

Just like Max says, Kate Bush really is magical!

We hear the song a few times throughout the season but it’s the epic ending in episode 4, where Max listens to the song while floating above her brother Billy’s grave, that’ll stay with us Stranger Things fans forever.

Episode five

Travelin’ Man by Ricky Nelson.

Nina, o sia la Pazza per Amore by Cecilia Bartoli.

David Searches by Arthur B. Rubinstein (Wargames Soundtrack)

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Times Up by Arthur B. Rubinstein (Wargames Soundtrack)

Episode six

Violin Concerto in D Major Op 35 III Finale: Allegro Assai Vivace by Erich Wolfgang Korngold.

Snow Maiden, Op.12- Chorus of the Courtiers- Act 1 by Russian State Orchestra.

Cutthroat by S U R V I V E.

Dustin, Max and Lucas looking up in Stranger Things season 4
The Stranger Things season 4 soundtrack includes Psycho Killer by Talking Heads (Credit: Netflix)

Episode seven

Prophecies by Philip Glass.

Akhnaten Act 1, Scene 3: The Window of Appearances by Philip Glass.

Akhnaten, Act II, Scene 2: Akhnaten and Neferiti by Philip Glass.

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