Stephen Mulhern in for a penny

Stephen Mulhern delivers blow to fans as he announces In For A Penny news

But all is not lost...

Stephen Mulhern has revealed that tonight is the last episode of In For A Penny on ITV.

Sharing the news on his Instagram and Twitter accounts, the gameshow host told his fans to tune in for the final episode of the series.

However, confusion struck as it seems it’s actually the penultimate episode.

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What did Stephen Mulhern say about In For A Penny?

Sharing a clip of tonight’s episode, which is set in Yarmouth, Stephen added the caption: “Don’t be a donkey…Instead tune into the final episode of the series! In For A Penny is on tonight at 6.30pm on ITV.”

The clip showed a man pretending to ride a woman posing as a donkey.

Fans were quickly in hysterics, but also devastated it’s the last episode.

“Nooooooo we need in for a penny every night of the week,” wrote one.

“Why are there so few episodes?” queried another.

A third added: “Me and my husband look forward to watching every Saturday, there’s not an episode where we haven’t cried with laughter! But one small complaint… the episodes and the series’ are definitely not long enough!”

“Nooo!!! It’s never on long enough,” said one more.

Another had mixed emotions: “Can’t stop laughing. It’s sad to know that it’s the last episode, but still happy because it’s the best!”

“Oh no!! Not the final episode!!! This is the programme I enjoy so much on Saturday evening, so funny,” said one more.

“Oh no it’s over to quick, such a good family watch,” shared someone else.

Stephen Mulhern poses with his finger pointing up for In For A Penny promo shot
Stephen is a very popular host (Credit: ITV)

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When does In For A Penny finish?

In actual fact tonight is not the final episode of the series!

One fan pointed out: “It’s not the last one. There’s one more episode on next Saturday at 7pm.”

Viewers can breath a sigh of relief because according to TV listings the show does indeed continue next week.

There are eight episodes in the run and the final one will air on Saturday June 4.

The last episode of In for a Penny airs on ITV on Saturday Jun 4 at 7pm.

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