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Second Hand for 50 Grand on C4: How much is a new Cartier watch? Why are they so expensive?

It's luxury with a capital L!

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Second Hand for 50 Grand is a new Channel 4 documentary that looks into the world of luxury products – but how much does a Cartier watch cost?

And why are they so eye-wateringly expensive?

Here’s everything you need to know about the new C4 show and the true cost of a Cartier watch.

Reece works for Xupes
Reece works for Xupes, a Hertfordshire-based firm that deals in luxury products (Credit: Channel 4)

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Second Hand for a Grand on C4 – what’s it about?

While we may have to dig under the mattress cushions to find a quid, the people featured in this documentary have no such problems.

The one-off show takes us behind-the-scenes of a company that tracks down luxury second-hand items.

Xupes is a Hertfordshire-based firm that buys, sells, fixes and finds luxury items – mostly watches, art, jewellery and handbags.

Millennials own and run the company from a thatched barn in Herts.

The staff includes CEO and founder Joseph McKenzie, Head of Operations Reece Morgan and Rose Marnie-Sheppard, the Handbag and Accessories Consultant.

We also meet the clients, including window cleaner Grant whose dad wants to buy him a Cartier watch as a thank you for looking after him.

Meanwhile, Rebecca asks the team to scour the globe for an exact match to a stolen Prada bag gifted by her late mother.

Firefighter Hywell has received a watch from his grandad and, if the team can prove that it’s genuine, Hywell’s life is about to change for ever.

How much does a new Cartier watch cost?

Xupes are currently selling a range of luxury watches on their website.

These include pre-loved Rolex’s starting from £2,699 and reaching up to £239,999 for a Rolex Daytona stainless steel.

As well as a used Tiffany watch for £14,999, there’s a £18,999 Patek Philippe and a Jaeger-LeCoultre for £24,999 which is more than many people earn in a year!

But many consider the crème de la crème of watches to be Cartier.

Xupes sell used Cartier watches from £1,899 up to £44,999 – but how much does a new Cartier watch cost?

Goldsmiths sell Cartier watches from £2,140 for a small model, up to £35,100 for a rose gold edition on their website.

Staff at Xupes in Herts
Rose, Joe and Reece work at Xupes in Herts (Credit: Channel 4)

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Cartier watch cost: Cartier’s most expensive ever watch

Cartier Phoenix Décor Secret Watch cost £1.8million.

Shaped like a phoenix, the “secret” watch face is hidden amongst diamonds.

Cartier only produced one of these Décor watches, making it scarce.

The watch boasts 18 carats of white gold, and is plated with the precious metal rhodium.

The phoenix’s eyes are made from emeralds, and the whole item features pear-shaped and portrait-cut diamonds that weigh 3.53 carats.

In fact, the entire watch is covered by 3010 brilliant-cut diamonds, meaning that the combined weight is an amazing 80.13 carats.

The watch is now the centre piece of the collection of Merveilles du Nil de Cartier.

The second most expensive Cartier watch is the Cartier Extra Large Ballon Bleu Tourbillon Diamond Watch worth £700,000.

Why are Cartier watches so expensive?

Louis Francois Cartier established Cartier when he took over his mentor’s Paris jewellery workshop in 1847.

The future King Edward VII named Cartier as the “Jeweller of Kings and the King of Jewellers”.

The royal endorsement was the start of an association between the French luxury watchmaker and European Royalty, and it is a fruitful relationship that exists to this very day.

Cartier designed and implemented miniature movements in the 1920s – the first watchmaker to do so.

It’s a feature now considered to be a landmark in the progression of the wristwatch.

Watchmakers use high-quality materials, and the label comes with a regal history.

Princess Diana wore Cartier watches, as does Kate Middleton.

Upcoming Bond villain Remi Malek is currently the face of Cartier advertising.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Pierce Brosnan have previously advertised the product.

Second Hand for 50 Grand airs on Wednesday April 21 2021 at 10pm on Channel 4.

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