Rules of the Game episode three

Rules of the Game episode three – five questions we have after THAT explosive twist!

The drama is worth watching for Maxine Peake and Alison Steadman alone!

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Rules of the Game continued on BBC One this Tuesday (January 18 2022) with episode three – and it ended with one hell of a bombshell.

Yes, the penny had dropped for some of us already.

But it was still a shock to discover that it was Maya who had died at the Fly Dynamic offices.

So who killed her? And will they get away with it?

Here’s five burning questions we have after watching episode three of Rules of the Game.

***Warning: spoilers from episode three of Rules of the Game ahead***

Ben Batt
We don’t like you Owen Jenkins, we don’t like you at all you creepy git! (Credit: BBC One)

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Rules of the Game episode three: Who killed Maya?

At the end of episode three of Rules of the Game, we discovered that the victim was Maya Benshaw.

It was the HR Director who had fallen or been pushed to her death in the offices of Fly Dynamic.

Previously, we’d been tricked into believe it was probably alcoholic Tess Jones.

Viewers were shocked to see a lifeless Maya lying in a pool of her own blood.

But who killed her?

We know that Maya had alcohol and Alprazolam – a tranquiliser – in her blood stream.

Meanwhile, flashbacks showed us Sam talking into a phone, saying: “It’s gone wrong, really wrong. I need help.”

Does this prove the death was murder?

And who was she speaking to?

Did Owen Jenkins kill Maya?

The obvious suspect after watching episode three of Rules of the Game is Owen Jenkins.

Did Owen kill Maya (and quite possibly Amy Dixon)?

Maya was about to expose Fly Dynamic’s shady history of abuse.

His behaviour has been increasingly creepy, and he even threatened to sack Sam.

We’ll have to wait and see what episode four brings us!

But we are secretly hoping it’s fearsome matriarch Anita Jenkins, played by Alison Steadman, who is the killer.

Otherwise she’s been wasted in this series!

Rules of the Game BBC One
Rules of the Game stars Maxine Peake as Sam Thompson (Credit: BBC One)

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Rules of the Game episode three: Did Maya’s ex kill her?

The other obvious suspect is Maya’s estranged husband Luke Benshaw.

He showed his true colours in episode three when he threatened Maya physically.

Luke also broke into her home – and confessed he’d killed her beloved cat Audrey (aka Ballsack).

Could he have been the culprit all along?

It’s a long shot, but you never know!

Who killed Amy and do we believe Gareth?

The mystery surrounding Amy Dixon’s death still hasn’t been resolved.

Although it’s now pretty clear it probably wasn’t an accident.

We now know that 16-year-old Amy was having an affair with Gareth.

But he swears he didn’t kill her.

Do we believe him?

Or could his brother Owen have killed both Amy and Maya?

Rules of the Game cast
The fantastic Alison Steadman stars in the cast of Rules of the Game as Anita Jenkins (Credit: BBC One)

Rules of the Game episode three: Will Sam do the right thing and tell the police what she knows?

Sam (Maxine Peake) knows a lot more than she has told the police.

She knows that her lover Gareth was having sex with a 16-year-old employee.

Also, she’s beginning to suspect that her colleague Owen is capable of something dark.

Will she play by the rules of the game, and keep quiet?

The entire series of Rules of the Game is currently available to watch on BBC iPlayer. Or you can wait to watch episode four at 9pm on Wednesday January 19 2022.

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