Rochelle This Morning: Star cooked her Thai green curry

Rochelle Humes divides This Morning viewers as she cooks a Thai green curry

Should she have put up those gorgeous curls?

Rochelle Humes looked gorgeous as she cooked a Thai green curry on This Morning today (July 30).

Wearing jeans, a white top and a nude blouse, with her long curly locks flowing freely, Rochelle looked entirely beautiful.

However, proving that you can’t please all of the people all of the time, the former Saturdays singer did leave some viewers divided – but not over her cooking skills.

Rochelle This Morning: Star cooked her Thai green curry
Rochelle Humes showed off her outfit ahead of her cooking segment on This Morning (Credit: Instagram)

What did This Morning viewers say about Rochelle?

Many This Morning viewers took to Twitter to discuss the segment, with lots making the same complaint about poor Rochelle.

As any keen cook will know, it’s pretty standard to put your hair up while cooking.

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Clearly the same rules don’t apply on TV – and it’s the fact that Rochelle wore her long hair down that many This Morning fans picked up on.

Could you put a hair net on Rochelle?” asked one, posting a meme of a cat heaving.

Rochelle, tie your hair back!” another demanded.

It bugs me how these celebs cook and don’t tie their hair back,” said a third.

“Rochelle needs to tie her hair back when she is cooking,” another advised.

Rochelle This Morning: Star cooked her Thai green curry
Host Eamonn Holmes loves Rochelle’s curry (Credit: Instagram)

Another clearly feared for Rochelle’s safety as they shared a meme of a blaze in the kitchen and said: “As gorgeous as your hair is today Rochelle, I’m nervous it’s hanging over food.”

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Others didn’t exactly seem like fans of Rochelle’s dish – which they claimed had “added strands of hair”.

What an amazing looking curry said no one. Very detailed instructions not. Also with added strands of hair,” they moaned.

Rochelle seems ‘so lovely’

However, for every mean comment there were many more saying just how lovely Rochelle’s hair looked.

And, we have to agree, if we had locks like that, we’d be swishing it round for all the world to see!

Rochelle’s looking beautiful today,” said one viewer.

“Rochelle is such an attractive woman,” said another.

“She seems so lovely,” a third concurred. “I really do like her and Marvin. Their kids are adorable!”

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