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Alison Hammond divides fans with ‘irresponsible’ post about the COVID-19 vaccine

She's reacted to plans to offer the vaccine at Thorpe Park

Alison Hammond has divided followers after she reacted to the news the government will offer COVID-19 vaccines at Thorpe Park.

The This Morning host – who is currently on a summer break – shared a meme to Twitter, seemingly rolling her eyes at the news.

The post came in reaction to the announcement from vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi.

covid-19 vaccine
Alison Hammond hit out at plans to offer the COVID-19 vaccine at Thorpe Park (Credit: ITV)

What did Alison say about the COVID-19 vaccine?

She posted a gif of a sportsman rolling his eyes and shaking his head.

Alison didn’t caption her post but did reshare Zahawi’s tweet.

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His tweet read: “From today, all those on a trip to @THORPEPARK will be able to get a COVID-19 vaccine, in between queuing for rides or enjoying a bite to eat.

“Our vaccines are protecting millions from COVID-19, preventing infections and serious symptoms.

“Now’s the time to get the jab.”

How did Alison’s followers react?

It’s fair to say they were divided – with many expressing their surprise at her views.

One said: “Irresponsible response from a loved TV personality.”

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Another asked: “Have you not had yours? This Morning will be needing to find someone else to fly to different places.

“Surprised at your response!” stated a third. “One person I really didn’t think would be anti-vaccine.”

Another issued a warning to Alison.

“Be mindful Alison what you get involved in …this is a sensitive issue,” they said.

“Urgh, not you too,” said another.

covid-19 vaccine
Alison has expressed concerns about the vaccine on This Morning (Credit: Pexels)

Was anyone on her side over the vaccine plans?

Some Alison fans did have the star’s back.

One said: “I’ve had my two vaccines, but this is a crazy idea.

“People who want the jabs should get it done by medical staff in the proper environment, not in a damn theme park, that’s just crazy!!

“Jabs ‘while-u-wait’ then jump on a ride? No. Just no. Supposed to take paracetamol, water, rest!” they declared.

Another responded to those who asked why Alison had posted the tweet.

“She is a human being entitled to her own opinions. If she has serious concerns she is free to express them,” they said.

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