Reported Missing BBC

Reported Missing: Viewers ‘heartbroken’ as man sees his brother’s fatal car wreckage

He compared it to being stabbed in the heart

Reported Missing on BBC One left viewers heartbroken last night with scenes some viewers found difficult to watch.

Last night’s (Wednesday, September 9) repeat episode of the BBC documentary series featured Darren Bennett, who went missing in August 2016.

Reported Missing BBC
Darren’s brother, Andrew, on Reported Missing (Credit: BBC)

What happened to Darren on BBC One’s Reported Missing?

It turned out that 28-year-old Darren had tragically died in a car crash, but the vehicle wasn’t found for eight days.

Reported missing showed the moment that Darren’s grief-stricken brother, Andrew, arrived at the scene of the accident.

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Cameras filmed him almost collapsing as he wailed upon seeing his brother’s wreckage.

Speaking on the programme, Andrew admitted he knew it was a “fatal” crash as soon as he saw the smashed-up car.

Reported Missing BBC
Andrew knew straight away it was a fatal crash (Credit: BBC)

And he said it was as though somebody had taken his heart and “stuck a knife through it”.

The howl of the poor brother as he went to the roundabout just broke me.

He explained: “I still remember it was absolutely bounding with rain, I knew it was fatal as soon as I saw that car.

“There was no way anybody was coming away from that.

“It felt like somebody had took my heart out and stuck a knife through it, and it still feels like that now.”

Reported Missing BBC
On Reported Missing, Andrew said it felt like being stabbed in the heart (Credit: BBC)

What did viewers think of Reported Missing?

One viewer said on Twitter: “Very sad but interesting episode of #ReportedMissing tonight. Felt so sorry for his poor brother.”

Another tweeted: “Darren’s brother at the end. That was a tough watch. That poor family #reportedmissing.”

A third wrote: “Catching up and what a heartbreaking story! The poor brother. #reportedmissing.”

“The howl of the poor brother as he went to the roundabout just broke me,” confessed a fourth, adding with a crying emoji: “RIP Darren.”

Someone else said: “Omg I’m sobbing #reportedmissing. So tragic, bless him and his poor brother, going to the scene of the accident was so sad. My heart breaks for them all.”

“RIP Darren,” said a sixth. “I feel so sad for your brother, child and extended family #reportedmissing.”

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Another put: “The brother running through the rain to see his brother’s car destroyed in a tree, knowing full well he was dead. Oh my god, how awful was that #reportedmissing.”

“Absolutely heartbreaking,” another Twitter user agreed.

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