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Reported Missing on BBC One: Viewers weep as Alzheimer’s sufferer reunites with husband

Back together in the end

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Reported Missing aired on BBC One last night and viewers were in tears over the ‘difficult to watch’ episode.

During Wednesday (August 19) evening’s instalment in the documentary series, cops raced to find two elderly people with dementia who had gone missing in two separate cases.

reported missing bbc
BBC series Reported Missing was an emotional watch last night (Credit: BBC)

What happened in Reported Missing on BBC One?

In one, 83-year-old John had lost sight of his wife Sheila while they were out on a shopping trip in Gloucester.

She was gone for hours and the police officers’ fears increased with every passing minute, as they searched all the places Sheila might have wandered off to.

Happily admit I cried tears of relief.

John fought through tears as he explained: “We’ve been together 62 years. As a wife, she was loving and caring, gave everything she could. She’s always been the love of my life.”

reported missing bbc
John was so worried for his wife, Sheila, who has Alzheimer’s (Credit: BBC)

Thankfully, in the end Sheila was found safe, and it was an emotional reunion when their son, Steve, retrieved her from the hospital.

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When she walked through the door, John burst out: “My wandering love! Where’s you been?”

As they embraced, he told her: “Oh I’ve been so worried about you.”

reported missing bbc
They found her in the end (Credit: BBC)

How did viewers react?

Those watching at home were in pieces.

One said on Twitter: “Well, that was a bit emotional #reportedmissing… I thought Sheila must have got on a bus somewhere.”

Someone else said, alongside a string of crying emojis: “John and Sheila are so cute #ReportedMissing.”

A third wrote: “Happily admit I cried tears of relief… All too easy for us members of public to be so wrapped up in our business to see this. Fair play to the police acting quickly. #ReportedMissing.”

Police did a ‘brilliant job’

Someone else said: “What an amazing programme… So emotional and what a brilliant job by the police. How lovely was John… you can tell that it breaks his heart but the love and care he has for his wife is what we should all aspire to #ReportedMissing.”

“#ReportedMissing such a difficult programme to watch last night,” admitted a fifth.

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“Oh Sheila,” said another. “I was so happy to see you walk through the door! #ReportedMissing.”

– Reported Missing is available to stream now on iPlayer

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