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Love Island viewers disgusted as Paige Turley gags during stomach-turning challenge

Keep your cheese to yourselves!

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Things got messy on last night’s Love Island when Paige Turley gagged during a stomach-turning challenge.

The couples had to take part in ‘Getting Trollied’, a game which saw each male islander getting a shopping trolly, with the aim of the game to transfer groceries like cheese, milk, yoghurt and eggs into their partner’s mouths.

And it wasn’t long before it all got a bit much for Paige, who was seen gagging as she took a piece of cheese from her partner, Finn.

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The 22-year-old singer was seen with tears running down her cheeks while spitting her food into a dish while trying not to throw up.

While most couples didn’t have a problem passing eggs and fruit into each other’s mouths, it was when it came to the blue cheese that things started to go downhill.

Nas described the blue cheese as ‘tasting and smelling like vomit’ as he passed it onto Siannese.

And Finn and Paige took things a step further when it was their turn to pass the cheese.

Paige Love Island
It was trouble when the blue cheese came out (Credit: ITV)

They were both seen gagging and spluttering during the transfer, and when Paige took a lump from Finn’s mouth, she was almost sick when she spat it into the bowl at the other end.

“We spent most of our challenge in the middle looking at each other, gagging, back and forth,” Finn recounted.

“My eyes are actually watering,” Paige added.

Worse was to follow when the couples had to transfer liquids, and Finn was seen almost throwing up his milk as he tried to spit it into Paige’s mouth.

No liquids, what don’t you understand?!

Leanne was having none of it.

“No liquids, what don’t you understand?!” she screamed at Mike.

“Next time, I think I’ll get my groceries delivered,” she quipped.

Paige Turley Love Island
Paige gave Finn daggers (Credit: ITV)

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Viewers were disgusted by the challenge and voiced their outrage on Twitter.

While it was all fun and games during Getting Trollied, Paige and Finn endured a tense night later in the day.

New contestants Demi Jones and Wallace Wilson entered the villa and they immediately ruffled feathers when they were asked to choose an islander to cook them a three-course meal.

Demi chose Finn, which didn’t go down well with Paige.

Even though Wallace chose Paige to cook for him, she muttered under her breath: “I just hope he cooks something really[expletive].”

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