Love Island 2021: Three contestants in the diary room

OPINION: Is it love or money for the contestants of Love Island 2021?

Blue ticks and clothing deals incoming!

Love Island 2021 is all we’ve been able to talk about these past two weeks, with the show once again dominating our summer.

Things in the Majorcan villa are heating up, from brutal dumpings to explosive rows – it’s bringing all the drama.

But are this year’s contestants really looking for love?

Or are their eyes fixed squarely on the Instagram blue tick that propels them to the dizzy heights of bonafide influencer… And that illusive Pretty Little Thing clothing deal?

Journalist and Love Island super-fan Lynn Carratt sadly thinks the latter…

love island 2021: Millie in orange
Millie spent the night in the Hideaway with Liam – but will they last on the outside? (Credit: ITV)

Love Island 2021: For love or money?

There is no denying that Love Island is a terrific springboard to fame and endorsement deals.

You only need to look at the successes of the former contestants including Dani Dyer, Amber Gill and Kem Cetinay, who have become millionaires off the back of show.

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But, as reality power couple Alex and Olivia Bowen have proven, finding love in the villa can increase your profitability on the outside – the pair are now worth a whopping £4.5 million.

The longer the contestants stay in the villa, the more air time they get and the bigger their profile and Instagram following becomes.

And, to stay, they have to couple up or face being dumped from the island.

So it’s difficult for the viewers to see if the couples have real feelings for each other or if they’re playing a game to stay on the show.

love island 2021: Liam in a hoody
Love Island 2021 star Liam: Looking for love or a blue tick? (Credit: ITV)

Why would successful Islanders risk their careers for the show?

I find it difficult to understand why the likes of Sharon, Hugo and Teddy – who already have successful careers – would risk their livelihoods to find love on a TV show.

Once you’ve appeared on a reality show like Love Island and shown yourself in often compromising positions, it’s difficult to go back to your old life.

And let’s not forget that fame can be an addictive game.

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Lucinda is a pretty girl who I’m sure isn’t short of admirers.

But it feels like she is in the villa to promote her online fashion boutique The Luxe Range – and I’m sure she’ll be hoping to land a fashion deal.

To be honest I don’t blame her for capitalising (I was a fan of Lucinda until I noticed she calls a size 12 large in her online boutique).

Brad is a very good looking chap who I’m sure will do very well with brand endorsements on the outside. But he hasn’t played the game as well as he could have.

He got viewers’ backs up when he coupled up with Rachel to stay in the villa and ditched her for Lucinda, but they have been brutally split by the public vote.

love island 2021
Liberty genuinely wants to find love, it seems (Credit: ITV)

So do any of the couples actually have the feels?

I believe Liberty genuinely wants to find love, but Jake is likely to have his head turned in Casa Amor and she’ll end up heartbroken.

The couples with chemistry are Liam and Mille and Toby and Chloe, so they are likely to stay for love.

The jury is still out on Faye and Teddy – she’s already had the hots for Hugo and Liam, so could it be third time lucky or does she have her eyes on a bigger prize?

Time will tell, but I know which side of the fence I fall on…

One thing’s for sure, as the Majorcan sun sets and the TV cameras turn off, the real work will start for the islanders.

It might all be red carpets, champagne and influencer deals to start with, but we the public are fickle and will soon move on to our next TV obsession.

So they’ll have to graft extra hard to stay in the fame game… and our affections.

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