Celebrity MasterChef Joe Swash

OPINION: Celebrity MasterChef’s Joe Swash SHOULD NOT be in the final – but why all the hate?

We're still in shock he made the final three...

Joe Swash has made the Celebrity MasterChef final – and I’m still trying to pick my jaw up off of the floor.

There is no way I would ever have predicted he’d make the final three.

He’s been winging it the whole series – often with calamitous results…

I’m as shocked as you are that he’s made it this far – but, still, surely he doesn’t deserve all the hate being thrown his way…?

Joe Swash Celebrity MasterChef final
Joe Swash’s cooking skills have somehow landed him in the final (Credit: BBC One)

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Celebrity MasterChef – Joe Swash is in the final!

On Thursday night (September 16), Celebrity MasterChef fans turned to Twitter to express their disbelief that Joe Swash made it to the final.

In a shocking twist worthy of a Line of Duty script, Dion Dublin – previously the odds-on favourite to win – was booted off the show.

After facing the Chef’s Table – hosted by Tom Kerridge – the four finalists delivered food of (allegedly) an exceptional standard to impress Michel Roux Jr, Lisa Goodwin-Allen, Paul Ainsworth and Aktar Islam.

And some viewers were positively fuming about Joe making the final three.

One fan said he was suspicious about Gregg Wallace and John Torode’s decision, saying: “Joe Swash couldn’t boil an egg and now he’s in the Celebrity MasterChef final.

“I smell a big fat rat.”

Another said: “Joe Swash will probably serve up sausage and mash with lumps in and no seasoning… and win.”

A third added: “Unsure why Dion Dublin was sent home when Joe Swash had a bitter sauce.”

“I wouldn’t let a fly eat anything Joe Swash touched never mind cooked,” blasted yet another.

Joe Swash cooking disasters

Joe Swash hasn’t exactly come across as being knowledgeable in the kitchen.

The former EastEnders actor admits he barely cooks at home.

He’s made mistakes every time, and still managed to get past Gregg and John’s tough vote off.

Joe even served up raw and bloody duck – and got through.

He made a toad-in-the-hole with mashed potato in one round, followed by sponge and custard.

I mean, it’s not exactly fine dining, is it?

More like school dinners! And who ever liked those?

Joe Swash on Celebrity MasterChef
Some viewers can’t believe Joe Swash is still in the MasterChef competition (Credit: BBC)

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Celebrity MasterChef 2021 finalists

The TV presenter, 39, has made the final alongside Megan McKenna and Kadeema Cox – the strongest competitors throughout the competition.

Both Kadeema and Megan have impressed time and time again – with a few minor slip ups along the way.

But Joe?

I mean, I like you Joe, you’re fun – but you’re a shambles in the kitchen.

It’s baffling how you’ve made the final over the likes of Melanie Sykes, Bez and Dion Dublin.

Even Kem Cetinay displayed more raw, natural talent than Joe.

Joe has winged his way in Finals Week, and somehow made the Final Three.

Celebrity MasterChef: Does Joe Swash deserve to be in the Final Three?

Well, I think not.

No offence, mate, but I didn’t think you’d get past the first round.

Joe has made us chuckle along the way, but this isn’t a personality contest.

Are John Torode and Gregg Wallace sweet on Joe? It would appear so!

Still, Celebrity MasterChef is also an entertainment show, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that we’re surprised…

And one thing is for sure, although it’s incredulous that Joe is in the Final Three, he certainly doesn’t deserve all the vitriol that’s been thrown at him.

Perhaps viewers should look at the judges when they criticise the show.

After all, it’s not Joe’s fault his flaws have been forgiven endlessly.

Joe Swash on Celebrity MasterChef
Joe Swash to win Celebrity MasterChef? (Credit: BBC One)

Will Joe Swash win Celebrity MasterChef 2021?

It would be the biggest shock since Game of Thrones fans found out that Hodor was saying “hold the door” the entire time.

If Joe Swash wins Celebrity MasterChef then the judges should watch out for eggs being thrown their way.

It would just feel so wrong and undeserved.

Yes we like an underdog, but the title is MasterChef not MasterJoker.

The final of Celebrity MasterChef airs on Friday September 17, 2021 at 9pm on BBC One.

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