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Why Neil Morrissey character Nigel Morton from Line of Duty should have been H

It's the outcome from the season 6 finale many fans wanted

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Neil Morrissey was one of the original stars of Line of Duty as Nigel Morton.

And, as season six of the BBC One crime drama came to a conclusion, many fans were gutted Nigel didn’t make a return to be revealed as the mysterious ‘H’.

Neil Morrissey as Nigel Morton in Line of Duty
Neil as Nigel Morton in Line of Duty (Credit: BBC)

What happened to Nigel Morton – played by Neil Morrissey – in Line of Duty?

Neil played copper Nigel Morton in the first three series and, because of his associations with bent Matthew ‘Dot’ Cottan, was always suspected of being a wrong ‘un.

However, series three saw him incriminate Cottan in return for immunity from the CPS. He was last seen retired, gardening at home.

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As Line of Duty fans unhappily watched the true identity of the final H revealed as DS Ian Buckells, many argued Nigel Morton would have been a much better option.

Line of Duty fans big up Neil Morrissey

Viewers took to Twitter to please for Neil to be the real ‘H’.

One wrote: “I waited ten years, only for Buckells to be revealed as H??

Surely it should’ve been Neil Morrissey!!

“Surely it should’ve been Neil Morrissey!!”

Another wrote: “I soooo want ‘H’ to be Neil Morrissey’s character Nigel Morton.”

A third joked: “Neil Morrissey was ‘H’… I don’t care what the writers of Line of Duty say.”

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Neil Morrissey wants a return to Line of Duty

Neil Morrissey would like to see Nigel Morton return to the hit crime series – but to be killed off!

He’s previously said: “I keep telling Jed Mercurio, I’m very much alive. I just say, ‘Just bring me back and shoot me in the face.’ That’s what he does to all the stars, doesn’t he?

“Wipe me out! Then that’s closure, isn’t it?”

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