Naga Munchetty apologises to BBC Breakfast guest for 'mean' comment

Naga Munchetty apologises to BBC Breakfast guest for ‘mean’ question

Host went off topic during a chat about gardening

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Naga Munchetty said sorry to a guest after putting them on the spot.

The BBC Breakfast host apologised to Dr Trevor Dines after going off topic during a chat about gardening.

Naga indicated she felt her request had been “mean” after Dr Dines admitted he couldn’t answer her question about birdsong.

Naga Munchetty apologises to BBC Breakfast guest for 'mean' comment
Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt interviewed Dr Dines (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

Why was Dr Dines appearing on BBC Breakfast?

Dr Dines was on the BBC show to explain why gardeners should actually let the grass grow a little before trimming their lawns.

He said this will help bees and other garden wildlife thrive – and challenged viewers to give the process a go.

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Dr Dines said: “This is an initiative by plant life called No Mow May. We’re encouraging gardeners to put away their mowers for the month of May.

“Put them to bed, leave them in the shed and just let the flowers grow on your lawns.”

How does not mowing help the garden?

Using a broom and a walking stick to illustrate his point, Dr Dines suggested laying out a square metre to mark out a section on lawns.

He then urged gardeners to count the numbers of wild flowers in the square to derive their ‘personal nectar score’. This score indicates how many bees can feed on the flowers in the lawn.

That was mean of me to ask. I apologise.

Dr Dine continued: “The surprising thing with our survey is that we thought completely unmown grass would be the best thing for pollen and nectar. But it turns out that with this mowing once a month you get very short plants like white clover, which is just fabulous as a nectar producer for insects.”

Naga Munchetty apologises to BBC Breakfast guest for 'mean' comment
Dr Trevor Dines hopes gardeners will leave their mowers in the shed this month (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

What did Naga Munchetty ask Dr Dines?

Hearing birds in the background during the interview, Naga’s co-host Charlie Stayt noted how pleasant the sound was.

“That’s a real tonic, isn’t it?” Charlie said.

But Naga’s follow-up remark seemed to leave Dr Dines stumped.

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She asked: “I know you’re obviously really into the lawn, but do you know what birds are actually singing?”

Laughing, Dr Dines replied: “I’m afraid I don’t.”

Naga Munchetty apologises to BBC Breakfast guest for 'mean' comment
Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty greatly enjoyed the chat – and the birdsong (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

”It’s alright,” Naga continued.

“That’s not your area of expertise. That was mean of me to ask. I apologise.”

Unaffected by the lighthearted question, Dr Dines joked: “I can tell you every plant in the lawn instead!”

And as the interview conduced, Naga remarked: “May I just say you’ve brought absolute joy this morning.

“You’ve brought the birds, who were timed to perfection with their singing. And I’ve never been so engaged hearing about dandelions. So thank you.”

But one disgruntled observer remarked online: “This person needs sacking.”

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