My Cornwall with Fern Britton: Channel 5 viewers divided over show

Viewers weren't keen on yet another celeb travel show

My Cornwall with Fern Britton concluded last night on Channel 5, but viewers all had the same complaint about the two-part series.

They all lamented the fact that there was yet another celebrity travel show and, in this case, another celebrity doing the rounds in Cornwall.

Fern Britton smiles as she present My Cornwall on Channel 5
Fern concluded her jaunt around Cornwall last night (Credit: Channel 5)

What happened in My Cornwall with Fern Britton last night?

In the final episode of the two-part series, Fern explored the north of Cornwall, and delved into the pagan roots of the enchanted area.

That meant talk of the supernatural, from witchcraft to pixies and giants.

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She also asked why there were so many saints associated with the region, and uncovered the story behind St Piran.

However, the gorgeous scenery and Cornwall’s fascinating history did not stop viewers all making the same complaint.

How did viewers react?

Viewers took to Twitter to complain about yet another celebrity travel programme.

And, more specifically, a celeb jaunt around Cornwall.

“I don’t like to sound unkind but the #MyCornwall programme is a bit twee & rather annoying,” on wrote.

“How many more #Cornwall programmes do we really need?”

Another fumed: “#MyCornwall oh god not another celebrity telling us how much they love Cornwall NOW but loved the London wages for 30 years.”

One viewer used Cornish slang to lament the show.

They said: “Not sure there’s anything that gets my bleddy Cornish goat more than an emit calling Cornwall #mycornwall #FernBritton.

“What a load of old balls.”

Fern Britton smiles as she present My Cornwall on Channel 5
Fern now lives in Cornwall (Credit: Channel 5)

Where does Fern live now?

To be fair to Fern, she does now have close ties to Cornwall.

In an interview with Good Housekeeping magazine, she said she visited the county as a child and now calls it home.

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In fact, she now bases her novels in Cornwall.

“In my mind’s eye, Cornwall is very much a character in it’s own right,” she said.

“It’s somewhere I truly feel at home.”

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