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Who is Michael Ball’s partner, is she famous and why will they never marry?

She's 19 years his senior!

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Michael Ball appears on Channel 5 tonight with his show Wonderful Wales – but who is his long-term partner?

The 59-year-old singer and presenter has been in a relationship with Cathy McGowan since 1992.

However, the couple are yet to make it official.

Michael Ball
Michael Ball and partner Cathy McGowan began dating in 1992 (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Who is Michael Ball’s partner Cathy McGowan?

Michael is well known for his incredible singing career and television work.

But not many people know about his personal life.

Michael and Cathy met during an interview for his musical Aspects Of Love in 1989.

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At the time, Cathy was an entertainment reporter at the BBC.

She first found fame in the 60s as the presenter of TV show Ready, Steady, Go!.

Speaking about their relationship, Michael told the Daily Mail in 2013: “There’s something about the security and warmth of knowing that one person who, whatever happens, will always be on your side.

Michael is yet to marry partner Cathy (Credit: SplashNews.com)

“When you have so much shared history with someone, there’s a lovely comfort to that, although the mad rush of youth is terrific.”

In the interview, Michael also revealed how Cathy helped him through a dark period during the early stages of their relationship.

Meanwhile, she also saved him from a house fire in 2000.

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Cathy, 78, dragged him to safety after a fire engulfed their home.

Michael explained: “It was a really scary thing. It destroyed all my memorabilia – gold records, videos and CDs – and it didn’t matter because everyone was all right.”

But why aren’t the pair married?

Michael Ball on Wonderful Wales
Michael Ball on his show Wonderful Wales (Credit: Channel 5)

Why isn’t Michael married?

Despite nearly three decades together, the pair have never tied the knot.

However, they’re perfectly happy with the decision.

In 2019, Michael told The Mirror: “It’s just not something that we need to do.

It’s just not something that we need to do

“My public life is insane, but once that front door closes I leave that version of myself outside and I just like to relax at home.”

In other news, the star appears on Michael Ball’s Wonderful Wales on Channel 5 at 8pm.

During tonight’s episode (July 30), he heads to north Wales to explore the Snowdonia mountain range.

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