Love Island Chloe Burrows

Love Island fans accuse Chloe Burrows of ‘turning roadman’ but what does the term mean?

'I'm convinced that Chloe was a roadman in her past life'

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Love Island star Chloe Burrows caught the attention of viewers this week, as they accused her of speaking like a ‘roadman’.

The 25-year-old marketing executive recently rekindled her romance with Toby Aromolaran on the ITV2 dating show.

But what does the term ‘roadman’ actually mean?

Chloe Burrows on Love Island
Love Island star Chloe Burrows has been accused of ‘turning roadman’ (Credit: ITV)

What happened on Love Island?

Chloe and Toby have had their fair share of drama in the past.

The semi-professional footballer previously dumped Chloe for Abi, before heading to the Casa Amor villa.

He then hit it off with Mary, who he brought back to the main villa.

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However, Chloe and Toby have since decided to rekindle their romance.

On Tuesday, he told her: “Kissing and cuddling, it’s not the same.”

Thankfully, the stunning blonde was just as interested.

Love Island Chloe and Toby
Chloe and Toby recently rekindled their romance (Credit: ITV)

How did fans respond to Chloe?

As her romance with Toby heats up again, Chloe continues to provide plenty of entertainment for viewers at home.

And her ‘roadman’ behaviour hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Taking to Twitter, one fan commented: “I’m convinced that Chloe was a roadman in her past life #LoveIsland.”

Chloe went from home wrecker to a friendly roadman

A second added: “Why does Chloe randomly go roadman.”

Another wrote: “Chloe went from home wrecker to a friendly roadman #loveIsland.”

A fourth shared: “I’m pretty sure Chloe is the only person I can think of who when she speaks, goes from ‘Raaaah where’s my baccy?’ to full on roadman from the flick of a switch.”

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In addition, a fifth tweeted: “Hahaha roadman Chloe has returned now she’s got Toby back.”

Another penned: “Chloe definitely came from a posh estate then moved into uni halls and started talking like a roadman to pretend she’s working class.”

A viewer said: “Ok but somebody explain to me how Chloe went from OTT posh to roadman in a few weeks.”

What is a roadman?

According to Urban Dictonary, the term ‘roadman’ is often used to describe a teenage boy.

The website reads: “Roadman comes from the 21st century slang word, describing a boy (normally at a teenage age) as someone who thoroughly knows the ins and outs of his area, and the people in the area.

“He will also be involved in popular events such as trapping, driving and parties etc.”

Meanwhile, another definition states: “Roadmen are teenage boys from London who wear puffer jackets.”

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