John Barrowman on Lorraine

Lorraine: John Barrowman confuses fans with his accent

Some wondered about his accent...

Lorraine fans are all saying the same thing about John Barrowman after his appearance on the show today – he has a Scottish accent!

The actor swapped his usual American accent for a Scottish one on today’s show, and many fans were left surprised.

ohn Barrowman on Lorraine
John appeared on Lorraine today to discuss his past behaviour, as well as being the host of All Star Musicals (Credit: ITV)

Why was John Barrowman on Lorraine today?

John Barrowman, 54, appeared on Lorraine today to discuss his past behaviour on the set of Doctor Who, as well as his upcoming plans.

The actor, who played Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who and its spin-off, Torchwood, was recently criticised for his behaviour during his time on the show. The actor allegedly exposed himself to his co-stars on the set of the hit BBC show.

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As a result of the allegations, John’s cameo in the immersive Doctor Who theatre experience, Time Fracture was removed. A Torchwood audio drama featuring a reunion between himself and David Tennant was also shelved.

John also left his position as a judge on Dancing On Ice earlier this year. However, he claims ITV didn’t remove him due to the allegations surrounding his past behaviour.

John Barrowman appeared on Lorraine to talk about his behaviour on the set of Doctor Who
The star talked about his past behaviour on the set of Doctor Who with Lorraine (Credit: BBC)

What did John Barrowman say about his past behaviour?

On Lorraine today, John said that the stories of his past behaviour have been “exaggerated”. He also said that people had “tried to turn them [the stories] into sexual harassment, which it absolutely is not”.

He then went on to say that the people making “a fuss about it” were not there and don’t know the context of his behaviour.

However, it wasn’t just what John was saying that attracted attention online. It was the way he was saying it, or more specifically, his accent.

John, who usually has an American accent, spoke with a Scottish accent with Lorraine on today’s show. Many fans were left confused.

John Barrowman on Lorraine (23_11_21)
Fans were confused by John’s accent on Lorraine (Credit: ITV)

What did fans of Lorraine say about John’s accent?

“Erm…what’s with John Barrowman talking with a Scottish accent when he’s on Lorraine?” one puzzled fan asked.

“Why can John Barrowman never make up his mind whether he’s Scottish or not?” another Lorraine fan grumbled. “Or is it mandatory to talk to Lorraine Kelly […] in a Scottish accent?”

“Since when did John Barrowman have a Scottish accent?” another viewer wrote.

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Though it confused many as to why John switched accents, there’s actually a simple explanation. John Barrowman is Scottish.

John Barrowman was born in Glasgow but moved to Illinois, US, when he was eight years old. He adopted an American accent there because the children in his school used to bully him for his natural Scottish accent.

However, when John is speaking with family, or with another Scottish person, such as Lorraine, his natural accent returns.

John will be hosting ITV’s All-Star Musicals during the festive season this year.

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