Loose Women Andrea dog debate Credit: ITV/PExels

Loose Women: Vegan dog debate leaves viewers fuming

Is there an argument for a plant-based doggy diet?

Loose Women debated dogs going vegan today (Tuesday, July 14) and it left many watching at home pretty angry.

It comes after Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton announced that his puppy is now on a plant-based diet. Lewis claims it has made Roscoe’s fur much softer and his swollen paws healed.

Today’s Loose Women anchor Andrea McLean then revealed 35 per cent of pet owners have said they’d consider putting their pets on a vegan diet.

Loose Women panel Credit: ITV
The panel weren’t sure about a vegan diet for dogs (Credit: ITV)

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Loose Women asks if it’s dangerous to make your dog vegan

She asked the other ladies, Nadia Sawalha, Denise Welch and Brenda Edwards whether they thought the idea was dangerous.

Nadia said her dogs love raw chicken and meat, and when they go out walking they always have a “cow trachea” in their mouths.

Brenda, who has cats, said her pets like their meat.

Denise felt there was “no doubt” that dogs prefer meat. But she said her friend has put her dog on a vegan diet to help cure its arthritis. She also revealed dogs on a vegan diet can live until their 20s.

Loose Women Denise Nadia vegan dogs credit: ITV
Nadia and Denise had differing views on veganism (Credit: ITV)

Nadia challenged that it was shop-bought dog food that was the problem rather than actual meat.

Andrea read out a statement from a canine nutrition expert, Anna Ware, who said she doesn’t believe in it: “They’re biologically and physiologically pre-programmed to eat meat.”

And veterinary charity PDSA said: “Dogs are omnivores so they can eat both meat and plant-based food. It’s important that no matter what diet you choose you have your dog’s welfare at the heart of that decision.”

The British Veterinary Association said: “It’s possible that a dog can go on a vegan diet. We wouldn’t recommend it as pets need a nutritionally balanced diet and it’s very important before anyone considers changing their diet to consult a specialist vet.”

It’s cruel to make your dog vegan

The debate left viewers at home unhappy. A Loose Women poll run on Twitter saw 80 per cent of viewers vote that it is cruel to put your dog on a vegan diet.

‘Just buy a rabbit’

Some felt it was pushing your own ideas on the dog and suggested those pet owners bought an animal that was already a herbivore, such as a rabbit.

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There was a lone voice who said their dog was a vegan…

Loose Women continues weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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