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Loose Women: Janet Street-Porter and Kelle Bryan clash in coronavirus vaccine debate

Things got heated on the ITV panel

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Loose Women stars Janet Street-Porter and Kelle Bryan clashed on the show today, as they discussed the coronavirus vaccine.

The panellists were joined by Kaye Adams and Brenda Edwards on the ITV programme on Wednesday (July 28).

However, things soon turned heated as the group spoke openly on whether it was “selfish” to not receive the jab.

Loose Women panel today
Janet Street-Porter and Kelle Bryan clashed on Loose Women earlier today (Credit: ITV)

What happened on Loose Women today?

Sharing her views on the vaccine, Kelle said: “We live in a privileged society where we can get the vaccine or we can get it at any time.

“For me personally I couldn’t wait. I don’t think I should be labelling…”

However, the star was interrupted by Janet as she attempted to finish her sentence.

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Kelle then added: “One second Janet, I don’t think we should be labelling people as selfish but I do think we need to be educating people so they feel more comfortable.”

But it appears Janet didn’t agree with her co-star.

She waded in: “But what would be your tactic? If you keep calling them selfish, you and I agree on that but the trick is here how to tip them over.

Janet-Street Porter on Loose Women today
Janet shared her view on the vaccine (Credit: ITV)

“And just shouting at them, not that we’re shouting but you know what I mean. Nagging them isn’t going to get a result.”

Kelle replied: “We can’t label all young people selfish, we can’t label all people in that bracket as selfish, agreed.

“But we can do is talk to people and talk to those who have concerns about the vaccinations.”

How did ITV viewers respond?

Meanwhile, the debate didn’t go unnoticed with viewers at home.

Taking to Twitter, one said: “Janet, those who won’t be vaccinated are totally irresponsible.

“If they went out and killed another person you would up in arms but effectively by not getting vaccinated they are 100% responsible for infecting & possibly causing death to others, where’s the difference?”

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Another added: “Janet is pathetic and making pathetic remarks. Of course people are irresponsible if they don’t have the injection.

“How many ‘refusers’ have died or crying it’s not fair when they contract the virus.”

A third complained: “Janet Street-Porter will just go against anything recommended by the government. She grinds my gears.”

Janet will just go against anything recommended by the government

However, others agreed with Janet on the show.

They wrote: “Loving Janet on #LooseWomen today!”

A second said: “Totally agree with Janet! We are still free to make a choice! Give an inch and the government will take a mile!”

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