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Loose Women: Jane Moore divides viewers with working from home comments

The panel discussed whether those refusing to return to the office should get a pay cut

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On Loose Women today, Jane Moore divided viewers with comments about people who work from home.

On Monday’s show (August 9), the panel discussed whether people should take a pay cut if they refuse to return to the office.

Millions of Brits have been working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic and Jane’s remarks about the topic divided viewers.

Loose Women today: Jane Moore shares thoughts on working from home
Jane divided viewers with her working from home comments (Credit: ITV)

What happened on Loose Women today?

Jane said: “It’s complex because not one policy fits all here.

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“So I think that if you can work from home and it’s beneficial to your company so that they don’t have to pay for a big office or they’ve found it better that everybody can work from home and they haven’t got the overheads, that’s fine.

“But if you work for a company where they want you in the office and you have to do the job there, absolutely you should go back to work unless you have a very, very good reason not to and just saying ‘well, I quite like working from home’ is not a good reason.”

Loose Women today: Jane Moore shares thoughts on working from home
Jane said people should return to the office if they have to (Credit: ITV)

In addition, she continued: “The bottom line is, they don’t want to go in and that’s all it is and all the rest of it is excuses.

“And it’s like why should a company pay for the lifestyle choice [of its employees].

“If you want to stay home and have a lovely time, fine, take up pottery and sell it online.

“Do something where you work from home but don’t expect a small business to pay for your lifestyle choice.”

However, fellow panellist Nadia Sawalha had a different approach to the topic.

Nadia Sawalha on Loose Women today
Nadia offered a different view point on the Loose Women topic today (Credit: ITV)

She said: “I agree with everything you’re all saying but I think also we have to take into account that there has been a reset for a lot of people.

“I don’t think it’s just about people that don’t want to work or are lazy or just having a great time at home.”

Nadia then pointed out that some people have found they work better at home as well as realised it helps with their work life balance.

Loose Women viewers also shared their thoughts on Twitter, with some not agreeing with Jane.

One person said: “So, am I right – Jane is saying people working from should take a pay cut! Are you joking?! Working from home has not affected my work ethic or how hard I work! Get a grip, Jane!”

What did viewers say?

Another wrote: “Bore off Jane! Do you really think people working from home are sat there doing [bleep] all? I actually do MORE work since working at home than I ever did in the office pre-covid.

“It’s unreasonable and unfair to people like me/others who enjoy working from home!”

A third added: “Everyone I know has worked much harder working from home for the last 18 months.”

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However, other Loose Women viewers agreed that people should be returning to the office.

One said today: “I agree that everyone should go back to the office. I didn’t have a choice working in a supermarket.”

Another added: “I absolutely hate working from home. I’ve just come back from maternity leave & totally need the stability of an office environment & support from my colleagues!”

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