Ruth Langsford, Saira Khan and Brenda Edwards on Loose Women

Loose Women stars and viewers in hysterics at ‘noisy cracks’ segment

Ruth Langsford and her fellow pundits couldn't stop giggling!

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The stars of Loose Women couldn’t help but erupt into hysteria about one of the topics on today’s (Tuesday, October 27) programme.

Host Ruth Langsford earlier let out a few giggles as she previewed the show on This Morning. And fellow pundits Brenda Edwards, Saira Khan and Janet Street-Porter were also very tickled by the upcoming item.

Ruth explained: “From a clicky hip to an embarrassing crack, we’re going to be asking: should you be worried about your noisy body parts?”

“It is a thing,” she stressed as the other Loose Women stars guffawed at the first mention of ‘crack’.

The Loose Women pundits
Which Loose Women producer was responsible for this? (Credit: Loose Women YouTube)

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And that preview set the cheeky tone for the segment on the show, too. Each and every one the show’s stars were sniggering away before Ruth managed to get her introduction out about the auditory effects on the show proper.

More hilarity ensued as Ruth – who revealed she suffers from a ‘clicky’ thumb and knees – tried to demonstrate how her own body creates unlikely sounds.

“Ooooh, did you hear that?” she asked the panel after squatting in the studio.

“Something snapped there!” an incredulous Saira shrieked, as Ruth explained the noise occurs due to trapped air.

Ruth Langsford on Loose Women
Ruth’s knees certainly cracked (Credit: Loose Women YouTube)

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But Janet protested: “That was Ruth’s knicker elastic!”

Which of the Loose Women has a ‘noisy crack’?

Other bodily noises also came up as the subject was probed.

Ruth later asked Brenda whether she ‘has a noisy crack’ – but Brenda wasn’t falling for it.

Pulling a shocked expression, she deflected: “No, I don’t.

“But I do have a stomach that can create its own symphony in the key of E.”

Bizarrely, audio of Brenda’s rumbling tummy was then broadcast on air.

“That’s quite spectacular,” a surprised Ruth admitted.

Brenda Edwards on Loose Women
Cracking up: Loose Women’s Brenda Edwards (Credit: Loose Women YouTube)

Many of those watching at home drew comparisons with the mood of the item with an innuendo-laden Carry On film.

“A noisy crack?? Oooh matron #LooseWomen,” one amused viewer tweeted.

And when the question was put to Strictly Come Dancing contestant Jacqui Smith, yet another social media user reacted.

“Interesting question to ask a former Home Secretary,” they reflected. “‘Have you got a noisy crack?’ #LooseWomen.”

And someone else joked, adding laughing emojis to their post: “Too much talking about cracks! I’m cracking up!”

– Loose Women airs weekdays on ITV from 12.30pm 

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