Paris Fury on Loose Women

Loose Women: Paris Fury sparks backlash as she admits she’d be ‘pleased’ if her dog wasn’t around

Some viewers called Paris' comments "heartless"

Loose Women star Paris Fury has sparked a debate after admitting she’d be “pleased” if her dog wasn’t around.

On Tuesday’s show, Paris and her co-star discussed whether losing a pet comparable to losing a human.

Mum-of-five Paris said her dog is “just another problem in the house”.

Paris Fury on Loose Women
Paris Fury has sparked a debate after admitting she’d be “pleased” if her dog wasn’t around (Credit: ITV)

What did Paris Fury say on Loose Women?

Paris began: “Me, personally, we’ve got a little dog.

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“But, the dog is here and if the dog was gone, I know it sounds cruel, but I would be quite pleased for her to be gone because she’s just another problem in the house.

“I know I probably shouldn’t but, I’ve got five peeing and pooping machines in my house.”

Paris Fury on Loose Women
Paris said she does understand why people struggle losing their pets (Credit: ITV)

She added: “Then I add the dog who is a peeing and pooping machine.

“Then I’ve got to feed them all, walk them all, wash them all and Tyson, who is a big giant peeing and pooping machine.”

However, Paris said she understands how some people struggle with losing their pets.

She said: “If you’re in a quiet home that’s got maybe one person, two persons and then there’s the dog.

“That’s a whole part of your life – that’s a big part of your life – especially if you’re a person on your own with just the dog, it’s your company.

Paris Fury on LW
Some viewers called Paris’ comments “heartless” (Credit: ITV)

“So, if they lost a dog I’d say gosh it’s like losing an arm, so it’s a really big thing to them.”

Loose Women fans debate the discussion

Viewers were divided on Twitter, with some people calling Paris “heartless”.

One person said: “That’s a heartless statement.”

Another wrote: “I used to rate Paris Fury until she went and made her vulgar comment about her own dog!”

One tweeted: “Why the hell has Paris Fury got a dog?

“She actually said it would be better if she wasn’t around and she hasn’t bonded to her. Poor pup.”

Another wrote: “I liked Paris before her dog comment! Someones attitude towards dogs says a lot about them!”

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One added: “Why get the dog if you’d be happy if it went?”

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