Charlene White on Loose Women

Loose Women: Charlene White under fire for comment about ‘not liking animals’

Some didn't approve of Charlene's comment

Loose Women host Charlene White has come under scrutiny from fans of the show after admitting she doesn’t like animals.

The TV presenter became the subject of scathing tweets from viewers of the show today (August 23) as the panel discussed dogs sleeping with their owners.

Charlene, 41, hosted the latest installment of Loose Women joined by panellists Jane Moore, Judi Love and Linda Robson.

The debate saw the women divided as half the panel felt dogs are just like members of the family – but the others saw issues with hygiene.

Charlene White on Loose Women
Charlene came under fire by Loose Women viewers (Credit: ITV)

Loose Women: Charlene White sparks debate

Charlene asked: “Would you be happy for your toddler to sleep with your dog?”

Judi responded: “Personally I don’t think I’d want my toddler to be sleeping with a dog. It’s unhygienic.”

However, when Charlene admitted she “doesn’t like animals full stop,” and agreed it seems “unhygienic” furious viewers shot her down on Twitter.

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Charlene White and Linda Robson discuss topic on Loose Women
Charlene and Linda had different opinions (Credit: ITV)

One scathing viewer ranted: “I was put off her in her first LW show when she made it obvious she doesn’t like animals. Next day on the news, she was fawning over a dog story, saying how cute it was. Disingenuous.”

Another wrote: “Completely changed my opinion of Charlene White after saying she ‘doesn’t like animals, full stop’. Disgusting.”

A third viewer chipped in: “Same here. Don’t understand anyone who doesn’t like animals. They’re better than humans! Not saying everyone has to love them but at least care about their well being and happiness. My little dog is my world! Sweetest little soul.”

However, some viewers share her view as one posted: “I agree no toddlers sleep with family pets!!!!!!!! I love animals.”

Loose Women panel including Charlene White, Linda Robson, Judi Love and Jane Moore
Viewers were divided on Twitter (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile Linda and Jane disagreed over the topic.  Linda said: “I think it depends on the dog. We had George who was a staffie for 11 years, and he was the gentlest, kindest dog.

“He loved the kids, they’d ride him, play with him.”

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Jane then admitted that her dog isn’t even allowed upstairs.

She explained: “He’s in the kitchen, he’s not allowed on the furniture – he’s a dog!”

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