Marcus Thurwell in Line Of Duty

Line of Duty: Marcus Thurwell is NOT dead according to latest fan theories

Did he stage his own death?

Line of Duty fans have put forward a theory that bent copper Marcus Thurwell isn’t dead.

The character (played by James Nesbitt) made his first appearance in episode five and is a prime suspect.

But last night, grainy nightcam footage appeared to show him dead.

James Nesbitt as Marcus Thurwell in Line of Duty
is Thurwell really dead? (Credit: BBC)

Who is Marcus Thurwell in Line of Duty?

Thurwell was the original Senior Investigating Officer on the Lawrence Christopher murder inquiry.

Along with Ian Buckells and Philip Osborne, it’s suspected that he let off the gang of youths accused of the crime.

Subsequent delving into his case file brought up more links to dodgy dealings, this time to historic sexual abuse at the Sands View boys home.

The last anyone saw of Thurwell, he was living in Spain.

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However, in last night’s episode Ted Hastings and his team watched Spanish police raid Thurwell’s house via live stream.

The police seemingly found Marcus Thurwell and his wife dead on a bedroom floor.

But viewers are convinced that it was all a front, and the grainy footage actually showed a set-up.

What did the fans say?

Fans took to Twitter to share their theories.

Using screengrabs showing the masked Spanish police officer, they theorised that this was actually James Nesbitt in disguise.

One said: “I had to watch #lineofduty again and we didn’t see the Spanish cops face and he stared at the camera for a long time, is he Marcus Thurwell?

“I am suspicious of everyone.”

Another said: “#LineofDuty that is Jimmy Nesbitt’s eyes.

“He is not dead, he is the Spanish police guy.”

A third commented: “I’m convinced Marcus Thurwell isn’t dead.

“Why cast James Nesbitt and not have him appear on screen, only in a photo??”

James Nesbitt as Marcus Thurwell in Line of Duty
James had filmed his scenes in Belfast (Credit: BBC)

How did James manage to film in secret?

James’s surprise appearance in the BBC crime drama had to be kept under wraps.

The 56-year-old Northern Irish actor even had to lie to his family to keep the job a secret.

In an interview in The Sun, showrunner Jed Mercurio said: “It was easier to keep it secret by plotting the scheme between the two of us rather than involving a proper casting process.

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“I did warn him there were two conditions: One, he’d have to wear shorts which might get very nippy on a cold day in Belfast and, two, he’d have to lie about it. The shoot at Belfast Marina went really smoothly, because the sun came out for about five minutes.

“I think people thought Jimmy was shooting an advert. I told passers-by he was modelling for a catalogue. The rest of the filming with Jimmy was done away from the public eye so we were able to keep his involvement totally top secret.”

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