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Four HUGE clues that suggest DCS Patricia Carmichael is H in Line of Duty

She's played by actress Anna Maxwell Martin

Line of Duty fans have been left convinced DCS Patricia Carmichael is H following last night’s penultimate series 6 episode (April 25).

BBC viewers watched as Carmichael led the questioning of Jo Davidson.

And they noticed several clues that they think confirm Carmichael – played by actress Anna Maxwell Martin – is the “fourth man”.

line of duty DCI Carmichael episode six
DCS Patricia Carmichael led AC-12’s questioning of Jo Davidson in Line of Duty last night (Credit: BBC)

So who is H? Line of Duty fans convinced it’s Carmichael

Carmichael’s dodgy deeds started early on in last night’s Line of Duty as it was revealed she’d put trackers on all AC-12 vehicles.

This meant that Carmichael was able to quickly intercept Kate Fleming and Jo Davidson as they attempted to make their getaway in Steve Arnott’s car.

So is that a clue that she is in fact H?

Trackers?? Osbourne and Carmichael are in on it,” said one fan of the show.

Carmichael line of duty
Viewer suspicions have been well and truly raised (Credit: BBC)

‘Carmichael has to be the 4th person’

However, viewers said the real clues came during Carmichael’s questioning of Davidson.

Throughout the interview, she was very keen to avoid all questions on the OCG – in particular police involvement with the OCG.

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She often shut down Ted Hastings’ questions on the topic and repeatedly denied that police corruption existed.

Carmichael is H she has to be. Why is she tapping the table 4 times?

However, the fact that the person who’ll soon be in charge of the anti-corruption unit flat-out denied police corruption is a little suspicious, according to fans of the show.

One said: “Okay but Jo was very clearly scared of the fact Carmichael was there, she barely looked at her.

“Carmichael has to be the 4th person.”

Carmichael line of duty
The character tapped her pen four times, which die-hard fans will know is morse code for H (Credit: BBC)

What other clues were there?

Perhaps the biggest clue last night was Carmichael seemingly using her pen to tap out messages to Davidson in morse code during the interrogation.

Many viewers noticed her repeatedly tapping her pen four times against the desk during the interview.

Of course, any Line of Duty fan worth their salt will know that four taps spells out H in morse code.

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And, if that wasn’t enough, it’s just what Dot Cottan did during his dying declaration back in series four.

“Don’t mean to alarm anyone but look at Carmichael’s pen? Tapped four times and H in Morse code is • • • •,” said another.

Another added: “Carmichael is H she has to be. Why is she tapping the table 4 times?”

What has Line of Duty star Anna Maxwell Martin said?

Anna appeared on This Morning earlier today (April 26) and remained tight-lipped about the series finale next week.

However, a little scan of her Instagram grid turns up a whopper of a clue.

Alongside a picture of her dog, Anna made a glaring spelling error…

The same error that the OCG member uses when communicating through the laptop no less.

Posted six weeks ago, as the series was just beginning, Anna said: “Definately mama to this bank drain.”

The error didn’t go unnoticed by fans of the show.

“Definitely. Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the wee donkey,” said one.

“H!!!!!!” declared another.

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