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Line Of Duty: Is Kate dead and three other questions we need answers to

How can we wait until next week?!

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Line Of Duty episode five was mind blowing, especially the cliffhanger – is Kate dead?

With plenty of references back to old cases, a brand new character for viewers to sink their teeth into and ANOTHER amazing cliffhanger at the end of the episode, it’s safe to say there was a lot going on.

As more questions are answered, the more questions we have.

With not long to go now, here’s what we need to know!

Philip Osborne Line Of Duty
Philip Osborne in series one (Credit: BBC)

Can we assume Philip Osborne is ‘H’ after episode five of Line Duty?

Let’s get right to the point here. Is Philip Osborne – now one of the most senior police officers in the force – ‘H’?

First of all he gave a press conference where he threw PCC Sindhwani under the bus.

Chloe then revealed that Osborne – who we’ve seen on and off throughout the series since the very first season – was part of the original investigation into the death of Lawrence Christopher (along with Ian Buckells).

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Tommy Hunter’s son – and Jo’s sister – was part of the gang of youths accused of his murder.

All the fingers seem to be pointing in Osborne’s direction when it comes to the identity of ‘H’. Could he have received pressure from Tommy Hunter to help his son get away with Lawrence’s murder?

Is he the final ‘H’?

Bloodlands star Jimmy Nesbitt appeared as Thurwell (Credit: BBC)

No wait, is Marcus Thurwell ‘H’ in Line Of Duty?

Hold your horses.

The big shock of episode five was the emergence of a new bent copper – Marcus Thurwell (played by James Nesbitt).

Thurwell has connections to the investigation of the murder of young black man, Lawrence Christopher, in 2003.

It’s a case that still remains unsolved despite the fact white youths were bang to rights for the crime.

Thurwell had been the Senior Investigating Officer on the Christopher case.

With links to the Sands View sex abuse scandal in series three, and also a link to gang boss Tommy Hunter, Thurwell looks more bent than a nine-bob note.

Arnott found out that Thurwell retired a number of years ago.

However, since Gail Vella started to look into the Christopher case – as well as Sands View – Thurwell has disappeared again.

Could Thurwell be the final H?

Ted Hastings in Line of Duty
Why Ted, why? (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

Why did Ted give Steph Corbett the money?

During this episode, Steve received some results from a forensics test.

And this time it wasn’t anything to do with own urine sample.

The money he found in Steph Corbett’s loft tested for a positive match with the money found in Ted Hastings’ hotel room. This means Steve knows for sure that Ted gave the cash to Steph.

And, when Steve went to see Lee Banks in prison, the OCG member told him that Ted told him that there was a rat in the crew – an undercover officer.

So, did Ted really give up John’s cover?

Steve got straight onto the blower with Kate, telling her he thinks he now knows the real reason why Ted gave the money to Steph.

Viewers always assumed that because of Ted’s links with John’s mother – Anne-Marie McGillis (which came to light in series five) – he wanted to take care of Steph after John’s death.

But what is the real reason?

Hastings in line of duty
Not again Ted! (Credit: BBC)

Is Ted now back under suspicion?

Now Steve has the forensics information, and the intel Lee Banks told him, is the finger pointing at Ted once again?

In this episode, there was a scene that showed Ted looking wistfully at a photograph from his old Belfast days and the police academy.

Could Marcus Thurwell – who is played by fellow Northern Irish actor James Nesbitt, don’t forget – be part of Ted’s past somehow?

And, let’s not forget that Ted also instructed Kate to stay at The Hill watching Ryan Pilkinton instead of nabbing him straight away.

Patricia Carmichael (Anna Maxwell Martin) is back on Line Of Duty
Pat’s back on Line Of Duty! (Credit: BBC)

Will Carmichael’s power grab lead to the death of Kate Fleming?

The BBC had teased the return of DCS Patricia Carmichael during the past week, and her entrance right at the end of the episode didn’t disappoint.

Gloriously withering and sarcastic, she soon put Ted in his place and informed him of her ruthless power grab.

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In fact, she shut down all of his surveillance ops, she slashed his budgets… she more or less snatched control of AC-12 there and then.

However, while all of this was going on, Kate was in mortal danger.

She was in an armed stand-off with Ryan Pilkington after she was lured to a deserted lorry park by Jo Davidson.


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