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Liar fans convinced Laura’s sister killed Andrew Earlham

New evidence points to Laura, but is her sister framing her?

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Liar has been keeping fans guessing as its second series continues towards its climax.

And the penultimate episode delivered a twist as it seemed Laura Neilson was guilty of killing her rapist Andrew Earlham when vital evidence was found on his dead body.

Is the evidence just too convenient though? Is this a clue that in fact Laura is innocent?

Fans  certainly think so as they are now convinced that in fact it was Laura’s sister, Katy Sutcliffe, who was responsible.

Is Katy really the killer in Liar? (Credit: ITV)

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Could Katy really be framing her own sister?

New evidence in Liar

With Monday’s episode (March 30) opening with Laura being questioned by the police it seemed the net was closing in on her as the killer.

DI Renton produced new evidence that places Laura at the scene of the crime – or does it?

As Laura continued to stress she had no idea what was going on, Renton produced Laura’s necklace, covered in Andrew’s blood.

Laura’s necklace was found on Andrew’s body in Liar (Credit: ITV)

“Game over Laura. It’s time to tell the truth,” Renton told her.

“I don’t understand,” protested Laura.

As Renton insisted the DNA evidence couldn’t just be explained away, Laura said:

“Someone must have taken it when they put the car key in my flat.”

Is Katy the killer?

Fans are now convinced it wasn’t in fact Laura that killed Andrew, but Katy.

Laura the killer

The last time the necklace was seen before it was discovered on Andrew’s dead body in a shipping container, was when Laura helped her dad to die.

Last week (Monday, March 23) saw a flashback to Laura’s past in which it was revealed her dad had asked her to end his life after a cancer diagnosis.

Joanne Froggatt and Dermot Crowley in Liar
Liar viewers know Laura helped her dad to die (Credit: ITV)

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Laura turned to Katy for help, but Katy couldn’t go through with it, so Laura stepped in. In her dad’s dying moments she placed her necklace around his neck.

With all the evidence now pointing to Laura, was it actually Katy who did it to frame her sister in revenge for killing their dad?

She was the one who picked up the car key and she would have access to Laura’s things and home. Could she really have killed Andrew?

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