Katie price ivf

Katie Price details IVF struggle as it’s revealed Carl Woods’ steroid use could affect sperm count

The couple are trying for their first baby together

Katie Price detailed her IVF battle on today’s Steph’s Packed Lunch (May 12).

Mum-of-five Katie appeared on the show alongside fiancé Carl Woods.

And they revealed why doctors think they could be struggling to conceive.

Katie price on packed lunch
Katie Price revealed her mum urged her to have IVF (Credit: Channel 4)

What did IVF doctors tell Katie Price?

Doctors have told Katie and Carl that they could have problems conceiving because of Carl’s previous use of steroids potentially affecting his sperm count.

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Carl said: “I’ve got a history of using steroids when I was younger and it’s always been in the back of my mind what potential damage I may or may not have done when I was taking them.”

Cameras followed the couple to an appointment with a fertility doctor.

The specialist said: “We know past use of steroids usually does affect the sperm count…

“There are circumstances where we can help and there are some circumstances, possibly unusually, where we can’t.”

carl woods on packed lunch
Carl’s previous steroid use may have affected his sperm count (Credit: Channel 4)

Do they have a future without a baby?

The couple also revealed how they’ll feel if they can’t have a baby together – and if their relationship will survive.

Carl said: “If we couldn’t, I’m not going to leave her over it. But I’d love to have kids of my own.

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“I’m lucky she’s got five great kids as it is, but to have your own….”

Katie added: “I wouldn’t leave you either if you couldn’t.”

You know the mum wants it when she rings you up saying: ‘Have you done it, it’s ovulating day? Make sure you’re doing it!’

Carl added: “When I was younger, I couldn’t see past my nose, so I used to use steroids when I was going to the gym.

“Only when you get older do you realise when you do when you’re younger could affect you when you’re older. It’s worrying.”

‘Have you done it, it’s ovulating day?’

It appears Katie’s terminally ill mum Amy is also piling on the pressure for the pair to have a baby.

She rings Carl up and asks if they’ve done the deed as she knows when her daughter is ovulating.

“You know the mum wants it when she rings you up saying: ‘Have you done it, it’s ovulating day? Make sure you’re doing it!’” Carl laughed.

“Make sure you’re doing it,” he added.

Steph asked if it was a bit “intimidating” for Carl.

“I mean luckily I enjoy doing it,” he laughed.

“I text her and say: ‘Aim, can you ring her up and tell her we’ve got to do it?'” he joked.

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