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Is Tracy-Ann Oberman – Carol Carter in It’s a Sin – Chrissie from EastEnders?

She's best mates with Amanda Holden and Tamzin Outhwaite, too!

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Tracy-Ann Oberman’s character Carol Carter delivers a sobering line to Ritchie Tozer in tonight’s It’s a Sin. And the actress has never been shy of controversial storylines.

After all, she did clobber Dirty Den to death in EastEnders!

Yes, Tracy-Ann Oberman portrayed Chrissie Watts in the BBC soap from 2004 to 2005.

Here’s everything you need to know about the actress, her It’s a Sin character, and how she made her mark in Walford.

Tracy-Ann Oberman as Carol in It's a Sin on C4
Tracy-Ann Oberman as Carol in It’s a Sin (Credit: C4)

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Carol It’s a Sin: Who is Carol Carter in It’s a Sin?

Carol is Ritchie’s agent and helps to launch his acting career.

She first appears in episode one where she interviews Ritchie.

In episode three, she gives Ritchie a sobering warning about the spread of HIV and AIDs and the men who are dying.

She tells him: “There are lots of boys going home these days. Don’t be one of those boys who go home.”

Tracy-Ann’s character Carol also appears in episode five, the series finale.

Tracy says: “Carol is an agent Russell T Davies knew, who was very supportive of her boys who were suffering.

“She’s an amalgam of a few agents but there’s one in particular who had been incredibly kind and protective of her young men.”

Carol It’s a Sin: Did actress Tracy-Ann Oberman star in EastEnders?

Tracy-Ann Oberman portrayed Den Watt’s second wife Chrissie in the BBC soap from 2004 to 2005.

She arrived on April 29 2004, and was last seen on December 9 2005.

Chrissie discovered Den had been cheating on her, and proved that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Chrissie was more than a match for Den, and eventually tired of his womanising ways…

By that we mean she clubbed him to death with Pauline Fowler’s cast iron doorstop!

Chrissie then buried Den in the Queen Vic cellar.

She was subsequently caught, sentenced to life imprisonment and thrown in jail.

Tracy-Ann Oberman as Carol in It's a Sin on C4
Richie and his agent Carol in It’s a Sin (Credit: Channel 4)

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Carol It’s a Sin: What else has Tracy-Ann starred in?

Tracy-Ann is just as famous for her comedic roles on Toast of London and Friday Night Dinner, as she is for her dramatic performances.

She’s been acting on TV, in films and in theatre for more than three decades, and one of her first roles was as Zoe Garrard in Casualty.

Tracy-Ann starred in The Bill, Bob Martin, Big Train and Murder in Suburbia before her life-defining performance as Chrissie in EastEnders.

After the BBC soap, Tracy-Ann went on to portray Melanie in Bromwell High, Yvonne Hartman in Doctor Who, Amy in Sorted and Alison in Waterloo Road.

She played Lizzie in Munroe, Debbie in Give Out Girls and Fiona in New Tricks.

Recent comedy roles have included Mrs Purchase in Toast of London, Val in Friday Night Dinner, and Rebecca in After Life.

Is Tracy-Ann best mates with Amanda Holden?

Tracy-Ann is often seen with her good pals Amanda Holden, Nicola Stephenson, Angela Griffin, Lisa Faulkner and Tamzin Outhwaite.

In a recent interview with Metro, she revealed a new lockdown ritual.

She said: “I do a regular Friday cocktail hour with friends, including Amanda Holden and Lisa Faulkner.

“Angela Griffin is organising a bingo night, which I’m looking forward to.”

Tracy-Ann Oberman, Amanda Holden and Nicola Stephenson on a night out
Tracy-Ann Oberman, Amanda Holden and Nicola Stephenson on a night out in London (Credit: Splash)

Is Tracy-Ann married?

Tracy-Ann married music producer Rob Cowan in December 2004.

In August 2006, Tracy-Ann gave birth to their daughter Anoushka Cowan.

She once said: “I used to worry that I wouldn’t be maternal.

“I was so driven and career-orientated that I worked up until the day I had her.

“I can’t believe how totally unprepared and in denial I was.

“But, the moment she came out, I instantly fell in love with her.

“She’s enriched my life enormously.”

How old is Tracy-Ann?

Tracy-Ann was born on August 25 1966 in Brent, London.

She is currently 54 years old.

She grew up in North London, attending Heathfield School for Girls, before going on to study Classics at Leeds University.

However, after a year she moved to Manchester University to pursue drama.

She went to the Central School of Speech and Drama after graduating, where she trained as an actor.

Tracy-Ann is proud of her Jewish background.

She says: “Jewishness is hardwired within me.

“It is the centre of the wheel from which all spokes emanate.”

It’s a Sin episode three airs on Friday February 5 2021 at 9pm on Channel 4.

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