Intruder series on Channel 5

Intruder series on Channel 5: Four key questions ahead of the final tonight

The four-part thriller series ends tonight

Intruder comes to an end on Channel 5 tonight (April 8) but we have questions ahead of the final.

The four-part thriller series follows the story of Sam and Rebecca Hickey, who lead an idyllic life in their custom-built house on the coast.

However, their lives are turned upside down when two teenagers break into their home, and Sam kills one of them.

But what should viewers know ahead of Thursday’s final?

Elaine Cassidy as Rebecca in Intruder
Elaine Cassidy as Rebecca in Intruder (Credit: Channel 5)

Intruder series on Channel 5: What happened last night?

During the show’s third instalment on Wednesday, Rebecca set out to silence her love rival Angela.

After the pair failed to reason, Rebecca decided to get rid of Angela for good.

The tense scene saw the alcoholic being followed by Rebecca to a clifftop.

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Coldly and calmly, she  hit her over the head with a huge rock.

Rebecca then rolled her body off the cliff and left the murder weapon.

Rebecca attacked Angela on the cliff (Credit: Channel 5)

Will Rebecca get caught?

Naturally, the scene left a lot of questions ahead of tonight’s finale.

With the police already probing into Rebecca and Sam, it seems likely Angela’s death may be dragged into the case.

Following the murder, Rebecca also left one crucial piece of evidence behind – the murder weapon.

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Taking to Twitter, one viewer pointed out: “Oh come on… throw the rock away #TheIntruder.”

In addition, a second agreed: “Yep, I mean that would be the obvious thing to do. Throw it over the cliff and not put it to one side.”

Furthermore, another wrote: “How has Rebecca suddenly turned into a murderer? #TheIntruder.”

Will Sam eventually crack?

Sam has found it particularly difficult to cover up his crime.

During last night’s show, Fitz hinted that Sam may crack.

He said: “Do you listen to his radio show? Today he sounded drunk on air, ranting and raving, swearing.

“They had to cut him off to go to the weather. If anyone is going to crack it will be him, not her.”

What is Rebecca’s proposal to Fitz?

Meanwhile, in the final moments, Rebecca called Fitz to arrange a meeting.

She was seen standing on a deserted beach by the caves.

Viewers will know it’s been tense between the two in recent episodes.

Speaking to Fitz, she said: “I’ve been giving it some thought and I would like to speak to you.

Will Officer Karen Bailey uncover the stabbing? (Credit: Channel 5)

“I thought I might be come over later on tonight, I was thinking quite late.

“I have a proposal that might help the both of us.”

What does she have in mind?

Will the police uncover the truth?

Obviously, this is the big question.

Officer Karen Bailey clearly has her suspicions about the murder, with the police already snooping around the couple.

But how will it all unfold?

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