Intruder on Channel 5

Intruder: Channel 5 viewers to give series one more chance after rocky start

The new drama is airing all this week

Channel 5 series Intruder divided viewers as it got underway last night, with some branding it ‘underwhelming’ and others insisting it ‘got off to a good start’.

The four-part drama is airing nightly this week and some are vowing to give it just one more chance tonight (Tuesday, April 6) before ditching it completely.

Warning! Spoilers for episode one ahead.

Elaine Cassidy and Tom Meeten star as Rebecca and Sam in Intruder (Credit: Channel 5)
Channel 5 drama Intruder got underway last night (Credit: Chalkboard / Clapperboard / Channel 5)

What is the series Intruder about?

In the first episode of the Channel 5 drama, viewers met husband and wife Sam (Tom Meeten) and Rebecca Hickey (Elaine Cassidy), who live in a lavish home in the West Country.

Their seemingly idyllic life was shattered when two teenagers broke into their home – and Sam, in a rage, killed one of them.

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Afterwards, the couple tampered with the scene to make it appear Sam acted in self-defence.

Former Coronation Street actress Sally Lindsay stars in Intruder as Family Liaison Officer Bailey.

Actor Tom Meeten plays Sam in Intruder (Credit: Chalkboard / Clapperboard / Channel 5)

What did viewers say about Intruder?

Some people enjoyed the first installment.

One said: “Well! #Intruder got off to a good start.”

Will watch tomorrow to see if it gets any better.

Another tweeted: “#Intruder, yes, yes love it.”

“Oh yeah, @channel5_tv getting a good programme on #Intruder,” said a third.

“Ooo that was a good episode but I have sooo many questions,” someone else wrote. “Looking forward to the next episode #Intruder.”

Channel 5 viewers brand new drama ‘appalling’

Many other viewers ripped into the show on social media, while some said they would be giving it another chance and tuning in for the second episode.

One said: “The worst acting I have ever seen on TV. Appalling. #Intruder.”

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A second tweeted: “#Intruder, I should have switched off at two mins but I stretched to five. Struggled to 10 mins and gave up. Painful to watch and I won’t be wasting time on the rest of it.”

A third wrote: “Series link cancelled, pile of [poo] #Intruder.”

A fourth put: “First episode of #Intruder was a bit meh but will watch tomorrow to see if it gets any better.”

“#Intruder was okaaaay, first episode,” said a fifth. “Will give episode two a go… trailer looks like it will pick up a pace!”

“#Intruder The first episode is setting the scene,” wrote a sixth. “I’ll carry on watching.”

Finally, someone else echoed that and said they thought the series seemed to have “potential”.

– Intruder continues tonight (Tuesday, April 6) at 9pm on Channel 5 

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