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I’m A Celebrity: Naughty Boy fans accuse public of ‘bullying’ him as he faces another trial

Fans of the record producer are far from impressed with the voting public.

Fans of Naughty Boy have accused the public of “bullying” the record producer as he’s voted to do yet another trial on I’m A Celebrity.

Just yesterday the star took part in a trial, and viewers have voted for him to take part in the next challenge alongside Frankie Bridge too – which will air tonight.

What happened in Naughty Boy’s last trial?

Naughty Boy on I'm A Celebrity
The world-renowned DJ took part in a terrifying trial last night (Credit: ITV / YouTube)

In last night’s show (Wednesday, December 1) Naughty Boy, Simon Gregson, and Adam Woodyatt took part in the Savage Stakeout challenge.

Naughty Boy, 36, was locked in a contraption and strapped to the floor, lying on his back. The contraption was then filled with a load of Castle nasties, including bugs, rats, snakes, and scorpions.

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Meanwhile, Adam and Simon had to take a pop quiz about lords. For every question they got right, Naughty Boy only had to endure 30 seconds of having nasties crawling over him. For every wrong answer, however, the 36-year-old had to spend a minute with the creepy critters.

Adam and Simon were also covered in slime every time they got a wrong answer.

How did Naughty Boy get on in the trial?

Naughty Boy in I'm A Celebrity camp
The record producer walked away from the challenge victorious, picking up 11 stars (Credit: ITV / YouTube)

Despite all his screaming, the musician was victorious in the trial, and the trio walked away with 11 stars.

However, smashing his challenge last night clearly didn’t mean he was safe, as the public voted for him to do the next trial too.

The next challenge is the eerily named Castle Scary-oke. Naughty Boy will be taking part in the challenge alongside Loose Women star Frankie Bridge. In a clip from tonight’s show, the record producer, covered in gunk, can be seen encouraging Frankie as she prepares to drink a glass of blended deer testicles.

Though it looks like it could be an exciting trial, fans of the record producer are not happy he has to do another challenge.

What did I’m A Celebrity fans online say?

Naughty Boy covered in gunk on I'm A Celebrity
The star is taking part in the Castle Scary-oke challenge tonight (Credit: ITV)

“Please give it a rest voting for Naughty Boy,” one angry fan tweeted. “It has become bullying and most of us who are watching it are not enjoying it. Vote for somebody else to do the trials so we can see other celebrities under pressure. Stop bullying Naughty Boy!!”

“The whole nation is bullying Naughty Boy,” another fan said.

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“Voting Naughty Boy to do all the trials is just bullying,” a third viewer told the I’m A Celebrity account. “You should limit the number of trials celebs can do in a row to 2. There are other celebs getting paid not just Naughty Boy.”

“Every year one person singled out to do the trials. Surprised ITV has not stopped this as technically it’s bullying. Would be better with a variety of people doing the trials,” another fan ranted.

You can catch Naughty Boy and Frankie’s trial on I’m A Celebrity tonight at 9 pm on ITV and ITV Hub.

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