Naughty Boy niece on GMB talks about him caring for mum

Naughty Boy’s niece reveals his mum finds ‘comfort’ seeing him on I’m A Celebrity

The record producer's niece spoke of the stars "caring nature" on GMB today

The niece of Naughty Boy, Aisha Shaban, appeared on Good Morning Britain today and revealed that his mum takes “comfort” in seeing him on I’m A Celebrity.

Aisha also said that the record producer ‘always puts family first’.

The 23-year-old niece of the I’m A Celebrity contestant spoke about how Naughty Boy’s mother – who has dementia – finds ‘comfort’ in seeing her son on TV every night at 9pm.

What did Naughty Boy’s niece say on GMB?

Naughty Boy niece on GMB talks about him caring for mum
Naughty Boy’s niece, Aisha, appeared on GMB today to talk about her uncle (Credit: ITV / YouTube)

Naughty Boy has spent the last five years caring for his mother, Zahida, who suffers from dementia. The record producer’s stint in Gwrych Castle is the longest he’s been away from his mum since her diagnosis in 2017.

Today (Thursday, December 2), the star’s niece appeared on GMB to talk about her uncle and was full of praise for him.

When asked how she was enjoying watching her uncle doing the trial on last night’s I’m a Celebrity, Aisha said she was “so, so happy”.

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“He’s surprised us all, to be honest, he’s so strong,” she said. Naughty Boy’s niece then went on to say that she believes that with every trial, her uncle is gaining popularity.

When asked about Naughty Boy being “rattled” at the start of this year’s show, Aisha said that her family “kind of expected it”.

“I think he must have been really overwhelmed,” Naughty Boy’s niece said. “Obviously prior to the show starting they had to quarantine for two weeks.”

Aisha then went on to speak about how Naughty Boy looks after his mum, 67-year-old Zahida.

What was said about Naughty Boy caring for his mother?

Naughty Boy and his mum on GMB
The music star has been caring for his mother since her dementia diagnosis in 2017 (Credit: ITV / YouTube)

“He’s a carer for his mum who has dementia and I think due to being away from her for so long, having no contact he must have felt really overwhelmed, really unsure as to whether she’s okay, if he’s doing the right thing,” she said.

GMB host Susanna Reid then asked Aisha about Naughty Boy’s mum, Zahida, and how her son’s absence is affecting her.

“We watch [the show] all together every night,” Aisha revealed. “When he does the trials we make sure she doesn’t watch it.”

Aisha went on to explain that if they allowed Naughty Boy’s mum to watch him do the trials, she might think he’s in real trouble.

“She sees him on the TV, she’ll talk to the TV like it’s FaceTime, and she’ll say ‘Hello, my son’, and she cheers on for him,” Aisha said. “It’s so sweet.”

Aisha then went on to say that seeing Naughty Boy on the TV every night gives his mum “comfort”.

She added: “She knows every day at 9 o’clock he’s on the TV.”

Aisha also revealed that the music star never does “anything for himself” because he always puts his “family first”.

“He has that caring nature and I’m glad people are finally seeing that side to him because otherwise, you wouldn’t really know who Naughty Boy is,” she said.

What did viewers on Twitter have to say?

Naughty Boy on I'm A Celebrity
The record producer won 11 stars in his trial last night (Credit: ITV / YouTube)

Many GMB viewers took to Twitter following Aisha’s interview to praise her uncle.

“How lovely was Naughty Boy’s niece?” one viewer wrote. “I’m glad the public are seeing the kindness and courage of him.”

“Caring for someone who has a deteriorating condition takes a very special person, who is compassionate and often courageous. Many do it and they deserve full praise. I wish Shahid [Naughty Boy] all the best in his adventure. His mum would want him to do things to lift his confidence also,” another viewer said.

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“Such a lovely interview with Naughty Boy’s niece, Aisha. What a wonderful insight into his life with his precious mum and family,” a third GMB viewer tweeted.

“Aw, Naughty Boy is a Good Boy,” another viewer said.

Aisha’s interview with GMB comes after her uncle smashed a trial on I’m A Celebrity last night. Locked in a cage with snakes, scorpions, and bugs, Naughty Boy managed to pick up 11 stars to help feed the camp.

I’m A Celebrity continues tonight at 9pm on ITV and ITV Hub.

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