Naughty Boy's trial too easy on I'm A Celebrity

I’m A Celebrity fans accuse show of giving Naughty Boy another easy trial

He competed alongside Simon Gregson and Adam Woodyatt

Fans of I’m A Celebrity have had enough of Naughty Boy doing what they think are ‘easy’ trials.

The music producer has been voted to compete in the most trials so far this series after his constant threats to leave made viewers want to punish him.

However, fans are now fed up that he keeps being made to do trials they view as too easy.

Naughty Boy completes another trial on I'm A Celebrity
Naughty Boy won 11 stars in the challenge (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

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What trial did Naughty Boy do on I’m A Celebrity tonight?

Wednesday night (December 1) saw Naughty Boy voted to take on the trial: Savage Stakeout.

He was joined by the Lords, Simon and Adam who were tasked with answering questions about Lords in order to make things easier or harder for Naughty.

He was strapped onto two contraptions, one after the other, and was covered in critters between each round.

If the Lords answered the question right, he had to endure 30 seconds, but if they got it wrong, he had to do 60 seconds. The Lords were also showered with Castle nasties.

Questions included what colour the seats are in the House of Lords, which Lord of the Rings novel is second in the trilogy and what company Lord Sugar founded.

The Lords started well and Naughty Boy faced 30 seconds of mealworms on his leg.

They then incorrectly guessed how many Lords are leaping in the classic Christmas song, the Lords were showered and Naughty faced 60 seconds of giant hoppers on his stomach.

Naughty Boy squirmed: “Something’s crawling up in me!”

When they got another one wrong, Naughty Boy shouted: “Please guys, get the answers right!”

Adam said: “Trust me, we’re trying!”

He completed the full Trial and won 11 out of 11 stars.

I'm A Celebrity Simon and Adam get gunged
Simon Gregson and Adam Woodyatt also did the trial (Credit: ITV)

What did viewers say about the trial on I’m A Celebrity?

One raged: “Naughty Boy’s trials are the easiest ones the show has ever had… because he’s a massive wuss, who threatens to walk at the first sign of hardship.”

Others were in complete agreement.

Some said Danny and Snoochie’s Castle Coin challenge was harder

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Who is doing the next trial?

Ant and Dec went into camp at the end of the show to reveal who had been voted to do the next trial.

The public have once again decided Naughty Boy should step up alongside Frankie Bridge.

How will he fair this time round?

I’m A Celebrity airs on ITV and ITV Hub. 

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