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I’m A Celebrity: Ant and Dec under fire for ‘unfair’ treatment of Arlene Phillips during trial

Viewers compared it to a previous trial with Naughty Boy

I’m A Celebrity hosts Ant and Dec have come under fire by viewers following last night’s trial involving Arlene Phillips.

The former Strictly judge tackled the trial – Bed Chamber of Chills – alongside fellow campmates Kadeena Cox.

However, some viewers were unimpressed with the hosts as Arlene appeared to struggle on the final star.

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Ant and Dec have been criticised by I’m A Celebrity viewers (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity hosts Ant and Dec

During last night’s episode, Arlene and Kadeena were locked inside two bed chambers.

It was Kadeena’s task to manoeuvre the stars from a maze above, while Arlene collected them in the bottom bunk.

Ant explained: “One of you must take the top bunk, the other one the bottom bunk. On the roof of the top bunk are 11 stars.

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“The celebrity in the top bunk must manoeuvre the stars around the maze to release them. They can then be dropped through a hole to the person in the bottom bunk.

“The celebrity on the bottom bunk will then need to find the star and place it in the collection rack.”

Arlene, 78, and Kadeena, 30, were given 11 minutes to get the stars.

I'm A Celebrity Ant and Dec
Arlene struggled to count the stars during last night’s trial (Credit: ITV)

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The pair were also joined by a total of 50 snakes.

Towards the end of the trial, Arlene struggled finding the last star after accidentally knocking it out.

However, some viewers were far from impressed with Ant and Dec‘s reaction.

How did viewers respond?

According to some, the pair could have helped Arlene find the location of the final star.

On Twitter, one complained: “Sorry but Ant and Dec helped Naughty Boy so much in this trial, but barely helped Arlene even though Kadeena was clearly distressed #ImACeleb.”

A second added: “So they can’t tell Arlene that the stars are falling but they could spoon feed Naughty Boy through every single second of his trial? #ImACeleb.”

In addition, a third wrote: “They literally told Naughty Boy exactly what to do and where to look in his trial but they’re not even going to tell Arlene the first row is full? Absolute fix man.”



A fourth commented: “The way Ant and Dec basically guided Naughty Boy into finding the stars, telling him exactly how to undo them and get them in his bag but when Arlene needed some help and Kadeena is clearly hysterical.”

A fifth shared: “So Ant and Dec can help Naughty Boy in a task but not Dame Arlene? #ImACeleb.”

Another added: “Screaming at the TV. COME ON ARLENE. This is painful #ImACeleb.”

This is painful!

However, others believed that Ant and Dec were too helpful during the trial.

They posted: “Do they just wanna basically do the trial for them? Stop bloody helping them #ImACeleb.”

A second agreed: “Why are they helping them so much? It’s a trial ffs #ImACeleb.”

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