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Holly Willoughby: Star’s vaccine admission causes fans to ‘unfollow’ her on social media

COVID deniers and anti-vaxxers out in force today!

Holly Willoughby revealed she got her COVID-19 vaccine on This Morning today (May 6), but the news didn’t go down well with many of her followers on social media.

The post, which showed Holly being vaccinated, garnered more than 3,000 comments in just three hours.

And many of them were slamming the star for getting what anti-vaxxers called an “experimental” vaccine.

Some even asked if she’d been paid to promote the jab!

holly Willoughby presenting this morning
Holly Willoughby revealed that she’d had her COVID-19 vaccine (Credit: ITV)

What did Holly Willoughby say about her vaccine?

On today’s This Morning, Holly revealed she’d had her jab.

After the show, she also shared a picture of herself getting it to Instagram.

She said: “Had my vaccine yesterday… straight forward and seamless… felt super emotional (it’s been tough right?).

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“Thank you to our incredible @nhsengland for everything… for being there when you need them most.

“We are so lucky to live in a country that has a system that has rolled out vaccines so successfully…

“Back to work today with a spring in my step.”

However, while some praised the star’s admission that she’d taken up the offer of a jab, and said they’d done the same, others said they were planning on “unfollowing” her over it.

What did the anti-vaxxers say about Holly’s jab?

Quite a few branded Holly a “lab rat” who had been “brainwashed” into having the jab.

“Moving with the herd then,” another slammed.

“The more they push it the more I won’t get it,” declared another.

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“Why are you promoting this experimental jab! UNFOLLOWING!” said another.

“Unfollowed!!!!” declared another.

This is an experimental vaccine that you are promoting, unfollowing!

“Sell out. Unfollowed,” said another.

“This is an experimental vaccine that you are promoting, unfollowing!” declared another.

“Very disappointing Holly – did you get paid to promote?” another asked.

Of course, the post was not advertised with #ad, nor was it listed as part of a paid partnership.

‘Her body, her choice’

However, for everyone lashing out against the TV star, there were many more backing her decision to get the jab and share it with the nation.

“I wasn’t going to comment but the comments on here are startling and only make me even more grateful for the vaccine,” said one.

“It’s clear by the amount COVID deniers here we wouldn’t have a hope in hell without it. Not long until I can celebrate been fully vaccinated,” they added.

“Her body, her choice. I’ll put my trust in science and not fake news and conspiracy theories,” said another.

“I had mine yesterday as well as I care about others,” said another Holly fan.

“Yes Holly, that’s great news,” said another.

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